Dear BF’s love of her life

My excitement about the weekend to be spent with the BF was slightly tainted by the knowledge that I had to meet the new “LOVE”. Much as I love this crazy ho of mine, she sometimes manages to fall in love with the most silly little buggers. And since i liked the last one, but didn’t actually approve of him as her boyfriend, I was slightly sceptical when she told me about you in December.

My suspisions were slightly laid to rest by the things she said about you. You seemed to be working wonders on this woman, so I was in two minds when i set of to Dodgeville for my weekend at the BF.

I was pleasantly surprised by you. You got on well with her parents, you made an effort to get to know me for BF’s sake(thats a first), you bought both of us drinks all night, you have a calm demeanour, you’re independant, not clingy and she can leave you alone while dancing the night away with me, without worrying whether you’ll be Ok, or whether you’ll try and chat someone else up.

You understood her and managed to control her at the same time. Much like me, BF is a strongwilled young lady, who knows what she wants, is willing to fight for it and can sometimes try and sit on a guys head. You, other than all the other guys in her life, is not letting her control you. No wonder she’s so in love with you. You let her do pretty much what she wants, but you’re in control of the relationship…fabulous! You make her feel safe, and loved and cherished.

You weren’t even miffed that she didn’t see you all saturday because the two of us had arranged to do some retail therapy. You quite happily left early on saturday evening so the two of us could get on with our little evening of pampering and girly talk we’ve been planning for weeks. All in all….i’m impressed. And trust me, if you asked BF, she’d tell you that this is an amazing accomplishment, and that you’re also the very first BF love that managed to acquire this honour.

Before i run along and leave you to your carpentry and such, i have one last little piece of advice. Treat my friend with respect, love her and cherish her. Because if you break her heart i will kill you. I will find you and rip your toenails out and kill you slowly and painfully! That girl is like the sister i never had. If you hurt her, you hurt me too, so watch it!

On a more pleasant note, enjoy your week and treat BF on Valentine’s day you hear!




16 thoughts on “Dear BF’s love of her life

  1. That is exactly the way my core group of friends and i feel about eahc others potential partners. One of my friends in particular has a boyfriend that the rest of us dont much like because he doesnt treather well enough.Not to say he treats her badly, just not well enough for what she derserves…. he will meet a very bitter end at the hands of some angry women and shall be buried in limestone, his bones to disolve, never to be found again….If he breaks her heart that is.

  2. Hey Ruby,*Sorry, I have nothing to say about the actual post*I just have to say I really love the way you do this blog. Ever since I’ve been reading you – I constantly want to write letters for all the things I would like to get out there… So nice! Keep up the good work!

  3. awwweeee, thanx High:)That’s a very nice thing to say, and since i’m blushing because i got a compliment…i’ll shut up now:)

  4. The Love sounds like a noice oke neh? All the way from Dodgeville huh? I hope your friend stays happy and both of them continue to have lots and lots of sex.BF and The Love, sitting on a bed … K.I.S.S.I.N.G while Tannie Ruby gives them her blessing.

  5. LOL…..yes bridge, all the way from dodgeville. and for the time being i’m sticking to “yes, he’s noice!”For the record, i am not a tannie, except for dear sweet Mel….BF is a couple of months older than me!!

  6. He sounds sweet! You sound like a good friend for checking him out though. I always get protective over my friends and their new guys.I’m glad they got together just in time for Valentines day xx

  7. Elise – He is quite fabulous actually and suits her perfectly…and trust me, i hate admitting that!Yep, that means she’ll be spoilt rotten for Valentines day, and i won’t….for a change. I suppose i shouldn’t complain:)

  8. Ah sweet…good for your BF! I’m sure your approval of him will mean the world to her :)You could also cut off his winky with a wooden spoon should he turn out to be a fuckwit :)It’s what me & my girls would do!

  9. oh goody! some more violent ideas to ensure he doesn’t break her little heart:)I’ve also thought of digging his heart out with a blunt spoon…..that one i like a lot!

  10. i wish i felt that way about my BFF’s girlfriends/wives.Actually I do about one of them so thats a plus. if they ever broke up i might not know which one to pick!

  11. i’m sorry to hear that hun! bout most of your friends wives/gf….but glad that you at least like one of them. Ooooh, thats a tough one!!! lets hope they never ever break up so you won’t have to make the choice….or that they are sensible about it and don’t mind you being friends with bothI had a friend like that. The girl dated this absolutely fab guy, so after they broke up i told them that i’m planning to remain friends with both of them….and they better not have a problem with it. They didn’t:)

  12. oh i just love how protective friends can be over their best friends…!and i know how your bf feels too, at the risk of getting all mushy- when i go to sleep in glugster’s arms, i feel safe and warm. and he gets me. i am so very lucky…good for you ruby, bf’s like you are super special!

  13. he he….you did sound mushy…but i understand:) I’ve only ever felt like that twice in my life and i know how special that is. So i’ll support her:)Ta elizabeth…i try my best:)Oh goody, i’ll go have a look!

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