Dear Angel and Glug


Gosh, I’m quite out of breath from that long shout, but still sitting with a big grin on my face and an I told you so wanting to jump from my fingers…..and then I suddenly realise that I didn’t tell you “I told you so” since for once in my life I had opted to take the safer route…… I kept my mouth shut. This is not something I do easily and I am therefor very proud of myself for pulling this off. But, back to the subject at hand.

I wish you guys the best of luck and hope that it will all work out, that you’ll be happy, that Glug will continue to pick Angel’s mind, that Angel will be able to continue the joys of living the glugster life and that both of you will remember that all is fair in love and war.

I do have a tiny little bone to pick. Whether the bone should be picked with the two of you or with Santa I’m not completely sure, but here goes. How on earth did Angel end up with a Prince Charming? Afterall, I’m the one who placed him on my Christmas Wish list???? For those of you who are wondering…no, Santa did not deliver him to my doorstep on Christmas Eve……but it’s probably better that way. Santa acted with a bit of wisdom………if the poor guy had to cope with my insanely loving and lovable family at Christmas time he would have turned and run for the hills.

All jokes aside…congratulations you two! I really hope that things work out for the best and that smiles and happiness is all we’ll ever hear about this relationship in blogland. I suppose the odd fight and make-up scenario will be OK too:-)

Kisses to you both


P.S. I won’t be returning to normal blogging until after the 7th, but as this is quite a memorable occasion for two people I’ve come to know I decided that it was worth the struggle with the dial-up modem to congratulate them.


7 thoughts on “Dear Angel and Glug

  1. hey rubes! i agree… how awesome is that!!! and btw santa also didn’t deliver mine… i think he couldn’t fit him through the chimney…fuck…aw well maybe next year!!! miss you!

  2. teehee… thanx ruby! i reckon santa definitely got his wires crossed- since i haven’t had a prince charming on my wishlist for many, MANY years!!!i am so glad i got what i did though!!:-D

  3. I’m baaaaack!!!!SweetAss – Actually, I’m kinda glad I didn’t have a chimney…maybe ordering a prince charming for Christmas wasn’t such a bright ideaglug – Well, I’m sure glad it wasn’t a disappointment;-) enjoy the time ahead sir!angel – it doesn’t matter hey………he probably made a better choice giving a prince charming to you than to me. btw – How’s your boy handling this?? well I hope?Nats – I missed you too babe!!! but I’m back;-)

  4. OH God! Am still not sure if I am dreaming! Was I the only one with this massive CRUSH on Glug who is now destroyed by jealousy and wants to wreck this happy place?Hee hee!Where are we sending the Smug In a Relationship pressies? I have a box of KWV 10 year olds I need to get rid of! Ha! *wonders if that won’t have Glug running towards this Bridge?*Rhu … hope the break was refreshing.

  5. bridge – sure was;-) feeling all motivated and ready for the new year;-) you could always send the KWV this way you know!!!!!!

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