Dear fellow bloggers

This is just a quick note to all of you sweet people whom I have grown to love and respect in the past couple of weeks.

I’m just letting you know that today at one I’m off to go on holiday, so i’ll be pulling a bit of a disappearing act for a while. But I’ll be back soon enough to share all the stories and odd people I’ve met on my travels.

Have a good one!




9 thoughts on “Dear fellow bloggers

  1. awe angel face! i’m so sorry:-( But i swear i haven’t had any holiday for the past year! so it’s about time:-)I’ll come and post some pics!xxxxx

  2. Nats – thanx babe! i’ll miss you too;-)Blondie – it’s only a pleasure;-) sure we’ll become firm blogland friends once i’m backEverybody – miss me!!! i’ll try to stop by whenever I ahve a chance….but the parentals dial-up is gonna get to me eventually!!! have returned from the no-signal bushes…but the holiday is fab thus far;-)Be good ya all!!!!

  3. high – yes sir!!!!Sweetass & elise – thanx you guysYou sweet sweet people actually managed to make me feel really special;-) thanx!!see you soon! with tons and tons of letters

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