Dear 2008

As I was kissing and hugging dear old 2007 goodbye on her deathbed it suddenly occurred to me that it might be a brilliant idea to send you little, baby 2008 a letter containing some advice for the year to come.

2007 was a darling old thing. She taught me plenty of hard lessons, caused many a tear to fall, but also brought along many good times, laughter, romance, brushes with millionaires, radio dj’s, R2 000 bottles of champagne and a circle of cyber friends. She also brought along the end of an era…… articles finished, I moved out of the commune and into my own little pad and the end of the first quarter.

I hope that you will follow in 2007’s footsteps and continue to make me feel like a spoilt little brat when it comes to all the blessings I have received. Feel free to teach me a couple of important lessons, but if it is at all possible to do so with less tears and heartache than used by 2007, it would be highly appreciated.

I hope that you will bring me a fabulous year in my new position, that work will continue to be a pleasure and a passion (for the most part anyway), that my friends will continue to build into my life as they have in the past, that my gran will continue to be healthy and full of spunk even though she is getting quite old, that my parentals will have a fantastic and blessed year……seriously, they deserve it hey!

Gosh..there is so much that I could ask you for, advise you on and set out as guidelines…….but the truth is that doing that would spoil all the fun and surprises to come. So I’ll only say this. I am a very blessed little girl, and I am grateful that I have a job I am passionate about, a car that runs, a house to live in(however small it might be), decent food to eat, that I have been able to continue to be a shoe and handbag hoe, that I have a family that loves me, friends that treasure me and treat me with respect, and that I have plenty of hope and love in this here little heart. So all I ask of you is that you use that as a guideline for the year to come, OK?




10 thoughts on “Dear 2008

  1. Very sweet letter :)All I want 2008 to bring me is success in my job and life, the continued support of my amazing friends and good health to my family n friends.The meeting of a significant other would be fantastic too but not imperitive 🙂

  2. expensive – Welcome;) and thanx! ja, who knows? a part of me wishes that we knew, but for the most part I love the journey of discovering;-)

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