Dear Readers(I guess)

Since this letters’ only purpose is to inform everyone that’s been nagging me about how my date went, it was rather difficult to place it in letter form. I did however, finally decide to just address it to all you readers….since it is really for you anyway;-)

Since I am a lady after all the information placed here will be very selective of nature. But I’m sure it will be enough to keep all you special people very happy and content.

The date was absolutely fabulous! Gorgeous was a perfect little gentleman, which impressed me quite a bit. You see, my dad has pretty much spoilt me for all men. My dad is an old school gentleman. He opens doors, he always goes around the car and opens the car door for both me and my mother, he’s forever holding my mommy’s hand, public affection is not a problem for him and he treats all women with an unbelievable amount of respect. And I think somewhere in my mind I find things like that very important. My folks are happily married after 31 years, and I think this had something to do with it.

OK, so back to my date. He picked me up, he opened car doors for me(I’ve never mentioned this), he pulled my chair out for me and he was polite, interesting and very very entertaining the whole evening. He was also very honest about his past(which i like) and about what he wants out of life and from the woman in his life. He’s 30, he doesn’t wanna waste his time with someone he considers to be a bad choice as a potential wife…….a bit scary…but considering that my mind is working the same way these days even though I’m only 25 and considering the very honest letter on Friday…he received the benefit of the doubt.

I had a fantastic time. He made me laugh, I found him intellectually stimulating……which is something I’ve found lacking in most of the guys I’ve dated in the last year except for one…..he was easy to talk to:-)

He was kinda upset that i wouldn’t let him come to Hartebeespoort with me the next day, but understood that it was a special thing that had been planned for weeks and was only for me and 2 of the lovely girls in my life. He picked up when i invited him to a braai at a friends house on Saturday night tho. I think he enjoyed it. I was a bit astounded at my nerve when I invited him to the braai, but decided that if my friends didn’t completely freak him out or send him running..he might actually be worth keeping around.

The braai went off well, the friends love him, he loves the friends……and yep, he didn’t run;-) sweet sweet boy! So I’m guessing everybody wants to know if we are now “romantically involved” or not…….well, no. I’m taking this one slow. I’m just letting myself get to know him in an environment I feel comfortable with, and surprisingly enough he is cool with that. That’s one of the first signs that a guy might be a keeper, he is willing to first be my friend and then the love of my life….i like him;-)

Am I in love? Do I feel all jittery when I see him? Do i have a tiny crush on him? The answer to all of the above is no. But don’t despair…it doesn’t mean I won’t be or i won’t have. I do not fall in love easily. I am not likely to have a crush on anybody and I certainly don’t become jittery around anyone… least not until I’ve fallen in love with them. It takes me a while. I don’t fall in love with strangers. I might think that they are awesome, gorgeous, interesting and entertaining. But I only fall in love once I’ve gotten to know the person and I know what they are all about……I take a while;-) I’m weird…apparently. But that’s OK too, that’s just who I am and I can’t help it. Personally I think that’s a whole lot safer than just falling head over heels in love with someone you hardly know.

I hope that you guys have received all the info you need….if not feel free to ask;-)



PS – glug….I’m a lady and ladies don’t take pictures when they are not being good but good at something

PPS – shit babe……i certainly hope you are not reading this!


7 thoughts on “Dear Readers(I guess)

  1. so does this guy know about your blog…?? i got that impression and somehow that disturbs me… i don’t know why though… anyway, chemistry is a must for me, isn’t that important to you at all?

  2. he he…no he doesn’t know…but he suspects..but i’m pretty damn sure he won’t find it;-) Dont get me wrong….chemistry is very very important….and chemistry we def have….all i’m trying to say is that i really like him…i’m just not in love with him…yet. Its a bit difficult to explain to other people exactly how I react to new men in my life…i’m super dooper careful…i’ve just been hurt too many times. So I hold off a little initially.

  3. Gorgeous sounds… Gorgeous! Its so nice to have a guy who takes care of a lady. I’m glad you had a good time. Keep us posted on love developments etc though…

  4. thanx you guys;-)I’ll make sure to keep you posted. I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to matters of the heart (ok, ok, so i’m a giant sceptic)…..but even I’ve been impressed by him… we’ll see.

  5. Thanks for letting us know how it went! Sounds really promising so far 🙂 I’m the same, people who fall in love immediately aren’t really in love, it’s infatuation, coz you can’t really love someone until you really know them 🙂

  6. It sounds like a lovely date and Saturday. I wish I could say the same about mine. Had to periodically rush to comp to let the chums calm me down. Phew! Relationship! Scary word.

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