Dear Date

Oh my goodness! Aren’t you just the sweetest piece of eye candy I’ve had in a looooong time….and I’ve had plenty eyecandy in the last couple of months. Yesterday when you waltzed into my office and helped me with my little blog spot problem I just knew we were going places.

After staying in my office way longer than needed or originally intended, popping in twice during the day just to make sure I was “OK” and being caught out discussing the “pretty little auditor”with the production manager, you finally plucked up enough courage to just ask me out for drinks. sweet sweet boy;-)

So tonight we will be going to some crazy cocktail bar to have a few drinks and to get to know each other better. But before we get going….there are a couple of things that you need to know about me. They are things that I’ve discovered about myself which sometimes irritate the crap out of people…but mostly they are the very reason my friends love me. So here goes nothing.

Firstly and most importantly I suppose I can be full of crap. Or maybe I should rather just state that I know what I want and under no circumstances am I prepared to settle for second best. Why should I? Actually, nobody likes settling for second best, I’m just very outspoken about it, if that makes me full of crap, that’s your problem.

I am a woman who lives my career and is extremely driven and passionate about what she does. A lot of guys are quite freaked out by this…lets hope you’re not one of them:-) I have a mind of my own, I’m extremely independent and i have a strong personality. A lot of men find this intimidating, which usually means that I end up being in charge of the relationship….I really hope that you’ll be able to handle me. As I’ve said before, I think the day that I actually meet Mr Right, I’ll be as submissive as a little lamb…but I’m still waiting for a guy that can handle that side of me.

When I really like someone I tend to tease and jest a lot. Sometimes people mistake that as I don’t like you or I think you’re stupid…pls do not make that mistake. I’m extremely talkative, but I can be a good listener when the situation calls for that. I pretty much function in my own little universe most of the time. I only venture down to earth to talk to individuals who appear intelligent, stimulating and entertaining. If that makes me a snob I’m sorry, but I’m bored easily and therefore don’t waste my time with people I know I won’t find interesting.

I think that is pretty much that. I would, however, like to set your mind at ease over most of these. The fact that I’ve already spoken to you, teased you, didn’t get angry at the fact that you were discussing me with other people and agreed to have drinks with you tonight, already conquers most of the issues mentioned above. So I don’t think you have too much to worry about.

OK, I’m off to go and think of what I’m wearing tonight. After all, I have to look absolutely stunning! It’s only fair, you had to put yourself out there and ask me out… I’ll repay you for the risk you took




11 thoughts on “Dear Date

  1. bridge….a lessor man maybe..but he just popped in here laughing:-) he very sweetly thanked me for the letter, but apparently he’s willing to risk it…he appreciates the honesty

  2. bridge – yep thats how I like emNats – thanx girl…i’ll let you guys know for sure…he might not be prince charming…but there is no harm in finding out if its an early nr10 from Santa:-)

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