Dear Santa (2)

Santa darling, i know I already sent my list to you earlier this week, but this isn’t an add on, I’ll stick to my original 10:-) I would just like to give you some advise?

I have found the lounge suite i want! so if you could just give me a ring when you have a second I’ll direct you to the right company and the right suite in the right colours. I totally fell in love with this suite. Its GORGEOUS! And no, i didn’t hit the Caps lock button by accident, it’s meant to be in Capitals.

so be an absolute darling and give me a ring OK? Oh alright, maybe I do have one thing to add to my little list from the other day…but it’s totally selfless and I don’t think you will have a problem with ethics here. So here comes nr 11: Please please could you find a new set of kidneys for My Boy??? I have a feeling he’s really gonna need it! And when you deliver it, please make sure that you kick his ass on the way out for being such a complete bastard at times.




7 thoughts on “Dear Santa (2)

  1. nope, haven’t found my friend yet. I suspect he’s only going to hospital either tonite or tomorrow morning. But i’m trying, trust me, i’m trying. he’s def scared shitless…but i’m not quite sure why

  2. awe, thanx for all the support guys:-) Maybe i’m just over reacting? Thats what i’m trying to tell myself anyway. I’m def being ignored tho…but it’s ok, i wont let it upset me….he’s going through a tough time and even though that doesn’t excuse treating me like shit….i’m probably the only person he can treat like this and get away with it.Still not sure which hospital, but i know he’ll be home by monday. regardless of whether the op is a success of not. still trying to find the hospital where this will take place…but i’m hot on his trail. If all else fails i suppose i could try phoning his mom…but that might just cause big problems at home…..i dunno….i’m all worried and confused right now:-(

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