Happy Birthday Dadio

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and that mom will spoil you rotten since i’m not there to help. May the year ahead be blessed beyond belief and may we be blessed with your earthly presence for many a year to come.

I am so glad that i was able to come and visit you guys over the weekend. Natal is always filled with peace and tranquility and as soon as i drive over the border at the top of the pass I just know i’m home. I think i’ll always be a little “Natallertjie” at heart, and if i ever had the chance i will definitely return to the province of Milk & Honey.

The trip home yesterday was uneventful until i got stuck on the N12. Apparently some sort of chemical spilled on the highway after a horror crash and melted the tar. For the first time in my life i was able to drive against the traffic on a highway…legally!

Anyway, to get back to the reason why i’m writing you this letter. Thank you so much for all the years of support and love. I don’t think i tell you guys often enough how much you mean to me. I am one blessed child and will always be your little baby princess….even when i’m married to my prince Charming. Thank you for understanding me and for standing next to me and helping me along on my race. I wish there is some way that I could repay you guys for everything you’ve done, but i can think of none….and wouldn’t risk trying as it would never be enough.

Thank you for always being the one to apologize first, simply because you loved me too much to have a real fight. For always treating me with understanding and correcting me in a loving and safe environment. For letting me go when i decided to spread my wings on an early age. For still phoning me twice a week to catch up even though i am now completely independant. For sending those sms’s on the most arb times just to tell me you love me. For rushing up to Jozi in the middle of the night covering 500km in record time to wait for me to wake up after my crash. For never judging me no matter what odd ideas I had.

Thank you for loving mom so much that after 32 years you guys are still so in love it’s embarressing at times! For holding her hand in public, always being a gentleman even when you guys had a fight and covering her with kisses anywhere, any place. It’s really special being part of a family where the image of a fairy tale family is reality.

Thank you for bringing me up in the best way you possibly could and teaching me that if a guy won’t treat me like a princess and if he drives me to tears, he wasn’t worth my tears to begin with. Thanks for doing the best you can! Just thanks.

Happy birthday once again Dadio!

Lots of love

Your little girl


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