Mister Bossman’s son

You gorgeous man! I think you might have just made my day, my week, my whole bloody month!!!!

So, while you’ve been gallivanting all around North America on a Daddy sponsored couple of month holiday, I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms. A girl can only last so long without discussing a “very casual relationship” with anyone, pretend not to be listing to the bossman’s discussion of the boys’ holiday, live on short e-mails alone and not have any eye candy what so ever to stare at.

The fact that daddy dearest is unaware of our little liaison and suspects that our relationship is strictly due to the fact that you saved me from a collapsed building doesn’t exactly help me in anyway. It is difficult to try and fish about you when I’m supposed to know your younger brother soooo much better since we have way more in common and had to take a course together. He’s forever telling me about your bro’s adventures, girls, parties, odd jobs and spending habits. No sweet boy information is forthcoming.

But this morning there was a weird number on my cellphone…i almost did not answer as i was in a meeting with the bossman(close call!!!!) I answered, heard your voice and almost freaked out completely! i only just managed to hold myself together long enough to make it to my office. And then of course started shrieking and giggling to the entertainment of the whole company…bossmann included.

You told me that you just had to talk to me and that second hand news obtained under the pretense of finding out how the business is doing just wasn’t cutting it….yay!!! You miss me….you’re probably lying, but that’s OK too. We’re just friends with benefits anyway;-) and last but not least…not one of the girls who has been throwing themselves at your feet(and I believe you here, since you look like a bloody superstar!!!) is nearly as gorgeous as i am….lies, lies all lies! but you made me giggle and smile anyway, cause i know that in our weird way you missed me too:-)

We’ll probably never take the plunge and have a proper relationship…but you’re good company and keep me properly entertained when I’m bored. I only wish you happiness, and i hope your having tons and tons of fun over there. But it was really good to hear your voice and to know that you miss your friend:-)

Of course all the shrieking, giggling and the running out of the meeting had to be explained when i returned. I’ve forgotten what a really bad liar I am:-( I tried to keep it as close to the real thing as i could without actually giving our little secret away……….”my friend who is touring North America”. His reply…”maybe you should give him “bossman’s son” number, he would love seeing some south Africans” “Uhm….yeah, maybe we should do that” And I’m sitting there thinking…”so what?? is you’re gonna phone yourself???” Let’s just hope your daddy loses that idea really quickly….otherwise this lie is gonna spiral outa control….again!
I hope you’re having fun, and if you meet the girl of your dreams along the way……please just don’t get married without me as your best lady ok? I miss you!




2 thoughts on “Mister Bossman’s son

  1. lucky me I guess;-)Tho i hafta admit that i’m starting to think the boss might be more than thrilled should he come to hear of our little liaison. He keeps hinting whenever either one of the two is single…i wonder……

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