Dear Mr P

Today your company listed….and did really well(yes all right! I’ve been monitoring it on the net the whole day). So I think congratulations is in order.

Now that I have been presented with the chance I would like to discuss a few minor issues with you. I’m sure you’ll agree that they are extremely relevant and I expect that you might find some of these very enjoyable.

First of all I would just like to clarify something for myself and would appreciate a truthful answer. I know you were a multi-millionaire before all this, but am I correct in understanding that you will now practically be a gazillionaire??? At sub 30?(wow)

Your dad and I have been discussing the possibility of a match made in heaven. He is of the opinion that there is no way in hell that any other woman but me will do. I have to admit that at first I was a bit unsure of this, but today clarity finally came to me(this of course had nothing to do with your share price shooting into the sky), and I tend to agree with him.

He is a dear sweet old man and personally I wouldn’t mind having him as a father-in-law. It’s your mum I’m a bit scared of! Very strict and very orthodox……which brings me to my next point. Religion might be an issue…at least for your mommy! Your dad recons that if we keep it quiet until after the wedding she won’t have a choice in the matter. Do you have any opinions on this?

The Ferrari you bought cash really is a bit too much tho sweety. Since you are already driving around in a Porche……..I have however, already found a solution to your problem. Please feel welcome to give me the second hand Ferrari as an engagement gift….i guess it will have to do until you can buy me a brand new one.

And then last but not least….we really have to work on your people skills. You have all this money, but an ex-wife and a string of broken relationships bears witness to a person who has a serious lack of them! Coming to a meeting with your cellphone attached to your ear is bad etiquette and staring at me the whole time is very unprofessional. Of course you’ll be forgiven this time, as we will be getting married soon anyway, but don’t you dare stare at any of your other business associates!

I hope to be hearing from you soon to sort out the minor details…such as getting to know you and not just your financial dealings..etc.

Love of the future


P.S. Why can’t you be more like your dad??? he’s already stuck on me! Quick wedding, quick divorce and lots and lots of cash!


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