Accident Victim

I sincerely hope that this letter finds you alive and well. I have to admit that on some level I have my doubt as to if you actually will be OK, but for all our sakes I’m going to try and believe beyond reason that you will be just fine.

As usual my virtue of patience sort of flew out the window when the traffic was just standing still…again! It woke me up from my normal morning stupor in a very unpleasant and irritating way. By the time I had phoned my boss, postponed my meeting and discovered that i only moved about 20m in the last half an hour I was completely awake and ready to pounce on the individual responsible for the problem. I of course thought that there was a police road block, in peak traffic……the police just looove doing that! I never expected to come round the bend to find your poor broken body lying on a stretcher, lights flashing, sirens screaming and destruction all around.

My hands became clammy and my heart started to race at a thousand miles an hour. The breath I so easily take for granted became short, fast and laboured. My head started reeling and horror images were paraded around in my memory. Tears instantaneously filled my eyes, and the make-up so carefully applied this morning turned into a mess. Only the waterproof mascara proved its worth.

Your pain and suffering had brought up images so vividly that i had to stop for a second. Unable to peel my eyes away from the horror in front of me without really seeing what was there. I was seeing a different accident scene, feeling the pain so sharply again in my body that for a second i forgot myself and reached out to rub the injured leg.

Then, as i passed the world started to revolve around it’s axis again. The colours shifted back into their usual bright self and the sirens faded into the background. And as my heart started pacing its self again everything just jumped back into place around me.

Sir, I hope you survived that horror. And i sincerely hope that one day, when all of the hurt and the nightmares and bitterness and the “why”questions pass that you will find the peace I have. That you will be grateful for everyday. For every person. That the fact that all metal detectors yell and cause chaos whenever you pass will cause you to smile. And that you will remember that for all practical reasons you shouldn’t be here.

Yours gratefully



2 thoughts on “Accident Victim

  1. (I had left a message on here, and came to check for a reply, and remembered the dumb blogger had crashed on me in posting! Don’t ask why I am telling you this…Anyway…)You’re not exactly making it easy to leave lighthearted bantering comments here, but one gorgeous letter!! I have no decent adequate comment to this yet, but just wanted to keep encouraging you by showing people are reading…also comment on other people’s sites so they know you’re out there…

  2. Awe, thanx champs:-) it’s good to hear!don’t worry, many a light hearted letter will find its’ way here… just sorta started out on a more serious note i guess:-)

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