My Friend

This letter took a little bit more thought than the previous two. I had to really sit down and think on how I want to word this. After much thought the best that i could come up with comes down to this: I applaud you!

We have been through some pretty rough times you and I. Most of which took place this year. You used to be like a brother to me, and you were the one friend i knew i could trust with my life……or so i thought anyway. As it turns out, you are human after all. Just a fighter and an idiot like the rest of us. Trying to survive, and like the rest of us, you have one flaw. At the end of the day, even though we may be the most selfless beings alive, when it comes down to the rough and tumble……….we fight for self preservation, and neighbourly love is forgotten.

You broke my heart my friend, and sent me reeling into the unknown chasm of distrust and paranoia. Even as i tried to fix my two feet on solid earth again after a bitter journey and reached out to you to try and work things out my hand was slapped away and my kind and loving words were shoved in my face.

You have taught me a bitter lesson which I still wish could have gone unlearned………..a lesson in the reality of the evilness of man. At the end of the day…none of us are good. Not me, not you and certainly not the people around us who just watched us destroy our treasure and instead of helping us to pick up the pieces, they scattered them….way beyond our reach.

I’ve helped myself out of the chasm…..not at the same place i tried before, but a bit further up….somewhere between mercy and forgiveness. And since then I have visited both these places repeatedly. And i think i finally made good……..I have been shown mercy and therefore i will show you mercy. But i have also been forgiven and therefore who am i to stand in judgement of what you did?

But yesterday you phoned. The first time in months. I have to admit that I had my doubts. The impulse to just tell you I was busy and would be unable to accommodate you in my busy schedule loomed……but i closed my eyes and pressed on. Invited you for not only the coffee you had requested but for a meal too.

You came to me humbled by you experiences in the last couple of months. An apology readily on your lips but also in your heart. My friend, I applaud you for your step! you have saved our friendship and made me believe that there might be hope for us humans after all. What the future holds for the two of us i do not know. We might never again be as close as we used to be. We may never be able to repair the damage done. But we have something……we have hope:-)

I sincerely hope that the courage you have shown will help ease your troubled mind and educate your searching soul.

Your friend



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