Dear superhottie at the stop street

Thank you so much for brightening up my day with your radiant smile and bedroom eyes. it was a tad embarrassing and I feel stupid to admit that at that time of the morning I’m just not quite awake yet and do silly things….but at least my stupidity awarded me an excuse to stare at you for just a second longer.

It’s amazing how some one’s face just lights up when smile’s at them….even if the other person did something really stupid. I’m sure that you are under the impression that the reason i did not cross the stop street when it was my turn was because i was staring at you…..well, this is not entirely true.

I am not a morning person…as in not at all. I’m usually just awake enough to not drive like a complete idiot, distinguish red from green and avoid colliding into other cars……that’s it! give me anything more and you’ll find me completely confused, at least until about half past 8.

So this morning i approached the stop street same as every morning. I watched you approach your stop to my left….and for some odd reason, somewhere in my mind, i had this stupid notion that it was a two way stop, and you had no need to stop and should just carry on going.

But being the gorgeous law abiding citizen that you are……you stopped! My mind hit a blank and Ruby was confused, as in totally. This of course caused me to sorta stare at you….see!!! i didn’t stare at you because you were super hot…..i stared at you because you confused me:-p

The confusion did however only last for about 2 seconds. The moment i burst out laughing at my own stupidity, you flashed me that traffic stopping smile, waved and and waited for me to cross, hooting just to remind me to enjoy my day………… sir, made my day:-)

So dear Mister Superhottie at the stop street…..this letter is actually a thank you note. Thank you for smiling at the half asleep hot girl, and thank you for still being a gentleman.




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