Dear Blogger

So today I have finally taken the step and opened a blogger account. I am so incredibly proud of myself for finally doing something that i’ve been threatening to do for a while.

I have to admit though that the experience was not quite as easy and enjoyable as i once thought. I was expecting the editing of my template to be quick easy and straight forward, but for some odd reason all the editing i did is not shown on my blog, and quite frankly i find that irretating. I have checked and rechecked my my font settings and they are shown as I have made them, but the moment i open my blog it still shows the standard blogger black template.

But lets not spend my entire first letter complaining about something I can not change, for the time being anyway. I’m sure between the two of us we’ll be able to work something out. And since it does not mean the end of the world I will not break my pretty little head about it.

I would however like to thank you for welcoming me with open arms into your quite large but closeknit family, which seems to grow each day. I hope that we’ll be spending plenty of time together in the months to come, and that on some level the people who are meant to read these letters will find them.

Yours respectfully



4 thoughts on “Dear Blogger

  1. Welcome to the more active side of blogging!! And Cheers a Welcoming glass of champagne to you! I haven’t read your first letter yet, but looking like an enjoyable blog theme, I will be sure to keep reading. As for blogger templates, just get into the writing & habit, and worry about the asthetics during boring work days…

  2. Thanx for the bubbly! and Cheers!Actually, miraculously enough my edited template was sorta there this morning, well at least some of them anyway:-)heads up….a letter might be coming your way:-)

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