Dear Negative people

Sometimes I wonder how many of us stop to think about what we say/tweet/blog.  I wonder if some people even realise just how negative, whiney and full of complaints they have become.

I’m (mostly) a very positive person.  And even though my job often makes me cynical with regards to trusting people and just how screwed up the justice system is everywhere, I tend to be the person who sees silver linings, generally sounds annoyingly chirpy and also the one who gets stupidly happy at the tiniest things.  Don’t get me wrong…some days I too feel down in the dumps, some days I complain and some days I whine (especially when I’m sick…I’m completely miserable and pitiful when i’m sick) but this is not an everyday occurrence. And everyone is entitled to complain or a whine or to a negative day from time to time.

But I’ve noticed that more and more people are constantly negative, constantly complaining, constantly whining and constantly a pain in my ass.  Every single word that flows out of their mouths/fingers laced with the toxin more commonly known as negativity. If you let it run your life for too long you stop realising that you’re being negative, you fail to recognize the amazing things in your life and you spread negativity to the people around you.  You become an increasingly horrible person to be around.

There are few things that annoy me as much as someone who has amazing people in abundance, amazing opportunities and just honestly so many blessing rained on them only for them to not once be grateful, not once say anything positive or happy…just negative negative negative!  The sad part is that the external parties are not the only ones to notice.  These amazing people who you have in your life…they notice it too.  They feel that you don’t value them and that you take them for granted, because if you’re this miserable all the time, surely the people who surround you must feel that it is somehow their fault? And not only that..spending too much time with a negative person is emotionally draining, exhausting and quite frankly unpleasant and because it is so toxic, some of these people will, in time, also become negative. A negative person is also often extremely self-centered.  Everything is a crisis, everything is horrible and in everything they ARE the victim, not because they’re actually the victim, but because they choose to act like the victim. There are days when I feel like saying “Get your head out of your ass, it’s not a hat” (to quote Pitch Perfect).  I mean if your head is up there to begin with, I suppose it makes sense that you have such a crappy outlook on life.

After putting up with a lot of the negativity from a lot of people over time I have finally come to the conclusion that I need to do what makes me happy.  I need to, at least to an extent, distance myself from the negative people in my life. Guys, I love you dearly, but realise for once that life is not that bad.  Make a point of noticing at least one good thing a day, because I can guarantee you that your life does not suck, you just choose to see it that way.



Dear Ignoramus

I realise that none of us know everything or at least something about everything…it’s just not possible.  But what used to just annoy me has become a giant festering thing inside of me.  Please, for the love of apple pie…stop spreading your opinion about something that you CLEARLY know nothing about, as fact.  The sad part is that other ignorant people will grab what you stating as a fact and run with it because they don’t know any better and so begins the snowball effect of ignorance.

I’m so tired of people who think they know everything about everything.  So tired of people who start a debate or an uproar because they have a rather wayward opinion on a topic they know nothing about.  Sure, you’re allowed to have an opinion, and you’re even allowed to discuss it.  But don’t act like an arrogant idiot and a) spread it as fact or b) be indignant when people take you on about it.  If you want to start a debate at least be sure that you’ve checked your facts and done some research on the topic.  The same goes for jumping on some band wagon.  Boy, do people LOVE band wagons.  Most days I sit here in my quiet little world and wish the band wagons would just spontaneously burst into flames or something and take all its passengers with it.   If you’re going to jump on the band wagon at least make sure you know what the situation really is before going about and possibly ruining someone’s life/reputation/business.

Don’t be the Ignoramus.



Dear Monday

When you decide to give someone a hard time you don’t hold back at all.  You just go out there and give it your worst.  Sadly today, I was your victim.

I haven’t had a blue monday in quite a long time.  In fact, life has been pretty sweet of late.  I’m excited about work, excited about life and even Mondays have seemed like good, brightly coloured days.  Then of course today came along and shattered that illusion..mondays are designed to be blue.  At least that’s how I feel at this moment in time.

The day started out well.  I was able to laze around in bed until quarter to 8.  At this point I jumped out of bed, made the bed, took a shower, got dressed and packed the last few remaining items for my trip.  Off to Namibia for another 2 weeks.  At this point still all excited and happy about life in general.  As per usual I phoned the taxi service an hour before I needed them to pick me up.  I was expecting them at 9am, but the driver was 10minutes early.  Not a trainsmash, they’ve done this before and if they were in the wrong they quite happily agree to wait free of charge until the predetermined time.  Still smiling at this point.

Now, the security and access control at my complex work as follows.  A visitor will press the intercom button at the gate.  They have to give their name and the unit they want to visit to the security guard.  He then phones the resident on their cellphone to inform them of the visitor and if you are happy to let the person in you need to press a number on your keypad to let them in.  It’s a good system and mostly it works.  (At this point I’d like to point out that this is the 3rd time in 6 weeks I’m making use of the same taxi service to pick me up from the complex.  Every single time they have been allowed into the complex to come pick me up).  This morning the guard phoned me and told me that the driver arrived.  When I attempted to open the gate via my cellphone the guard informed me, very rudely, that the taxi driver would not be permitted to enter the complex.  WHATTTT???  Not to worry..I remained calm and explained to the guard that there is no way I can walk the several hundred meters from my unit to the gate with my big suitcase, my laptop bag and my handbag all in tow.  If I had wanted to do that I wouldn’t have called a personalised taxi service.  While I was explaining this to him he proceeded to slam the phone down in my ear.  That moment right there….that set the tone for the whole day.  I grabbed my access card and took the walk to the gate and insisted on talking to the guard in person.  He shouted, he was rude and generally difficult.  I proceeded to tell him that I WILL let the taxi in and I WILL report him to the body corporate…..I wish i could tell you he handled this well….but I can’t.  He ended up screaming at me:/ Not cool at all…my blood was absolutely boiling.

Now don’t get me wrong.  If it is against complex rules…fine.  But in that case, why have all the previous taxis been allowed to come in?? Why was it necessary for him to put the phone down in my ear? What gave him the right to shout at me?  And who gave him the right to be that rude to me?? Seriously!

The flight to Windhoek was rather uneventful and pleasant…but that’s where it ended.  The moment we stepped off the plane and into passport control we could all see that there would be hell to pay.  I was 3rd in the row for foreign passports and I waited 20mins before I got to the front.  Even the Namibian citizens were given a hard time.  Questions, making them fill in more forms, rude remarks, threatening to send them back to SA, confiscating passports….it was insane.  As I stepped up to the front I suddenly realised that I didn’t have a printed copy of my work visa.  PROBLEM! I decided not to panic.  Every other time I’ve come in I didn’t have it.  I simply filled in business and explained that I was actually working for an SA company and I was here for meetings and to hand over a report(which is true…I’m being paid by an SA company).  She would have NONE of it.  She was screaming and shouting at me within seconds.  Threatening to send me back, telling me that nobody can come into the country for business without a work visa.  It was at this point where I really wanted to point to all the business men behind me in the line and ask…..’so are you telling all these people that they can not come into your country for their various meetings today cause they don’t have work visas??’

After much shouting from her side and much calm from mine I explained to her that I do have a visa and I could show her the scanned document on my iPad, but I don’t have a printed copy.  But if there is any way for me to print it I would gladly print it out for her.  This set her off on another screaming match.  After another couple of minutes she rudely told me to go to information to find out if they can print it for me.  Bear in mind…I have to go out into the actual airport…actual namibia…past passport control and all the various security points.  She then shouted after me that I dare not leave the airport without my passport and I dare not collect my baggage.  After more than an hour and R350 later I finally managed to get a printed version of my visa.  I then had to go through the tedious process of trying to convince security that I needed to go back through security to get to passport control so i can get my passport back and collect my baggage.  Another 20mins later and I finally delivered the visa to the incredibly rude staff member.

I figured this would be the end of it.  Not so I’m afraid.  She launched another line of rude comments my way and then proceeded to tell me that she couldn’t read it and will therefore NOT be stamping my passport and she’ll be sending me back to SA.  This is where I finally lost it.  I grabbed my passport and the visa out of her hand and handed it to one of the other immigration officers and asked her if she could read it.  Which she could.  She stamped my passport and told the other woman she was being unnecessarily difficult.  I proceeded to give the rude woman a piece of my mind.  Seriously…i don’t have a problem with her doing her job.  That’s what she’s paid for.  But to stand there and shout at me, be difficult, incredibly rude and generally (excuse my french) act like a bitch and abuse her power and expect me to just take it and bite my tongue because she can cause a lot of problems for me…THAT is unacceptable.  I was furious.  I very rarely get angry, and even when I do my temper is rather laughable.  I just don’t do angry.  But today I was truly furious, seething, angry beyond belief because of people abusing their positions and being rude.

And while I realise Namibia isn’t exactly a million miles away it is still a foreign country.  This is my job, my livelihood.  I was only able to leave the airport 2 hours after actually landing because some woman was on a power trip.  It was incredibly stressful and upsetting to say the least.  Then of course there is this OTHER situation.  Something going on that I can’t talk about.  About being disappointed in people you look up to.  About the crap that’s about to hit the fan in a big way and not knowing how it’s going to affect you.  So between the rude security guard, the rude, powertripping passport control lady and this other situation I’m a wreck this evening.  I’m stressed beyond belief, and while a good night’s sleep won’t do much for the ‘other’ situation it sure as hell will make me feel better about the rest of today.

So dear dear monday…please, I’d like to never ever ever repeat this day again…do we have an understanding?



Dear *insert name of guesthouse here*

So I’ve been making use of your establishment for a total of 16 nights now.  The place is absolutely lovely.  It is so lovely with the little (read not so little in the current flood situation) river running just below, the splash pool and the general calm and tranquility that seem to be the atmosphere you try to create.

In the time that I have been here I’ve only come across 2 things worthy of complaint.  Firstly, and I do understand that this is a bed and breakfast you run here, but surely it’s my choice if I want to partake in the breakfast?  Last week I was simply just running late every morning and couldn’t afford to go and have a sit down breakfast.  The two weekends that i spend here I try and relax as much as possible, considering that the job is highly stressful and that I’m not at home and in a super relaxed environment.  I was amazed to find out that you only serve your breakfast between 7 and 9 in the morning.  While 9am is perfectly fine for a weekday if you are in town for business…..there is no way that I’m going to drag myself out of bed and get myself presentable to face a whole bunch of people for breakfast before 9 on a saturday/sunday morning if I didn’t wake up early to begin with.  In my opinion this is my choice and I’m free to do so…I am after all paying the full amount regardless of whether I’m making use of your breakfast facilities or not.  I do NOT think it is on that your manager approaches me over the weekend to inform me that she considers it rude of me NOT to attend breakfast. WHAT THE HELL??

Secondly….I love the fact that your staff comes in every morning around 11 to clean my room and make sure everything is super clean and tidy when I get home after work.  It’s nice to walk into a fresh smelling room with clean towels and sheets every day.  And until today I would not have complained about this.  But today I got back and the door to my room was wide open.  Not just unlocked, oh no, WIDE OPEN.  It had been wide open since 11 this morning when you guys finished cleaning it.  Leaving all my personal belongings open for all and sunder who have to walk past my room to get to theirs to investigate.  While I’m extremely grateful that nothing was taken I would just like to inform you that this is not on.

Yes, crime statistics in Namibia are much lower than what they are in SA.  But you know what? It doesn’t matter.  It’s a matter of principle.  You don’t just leave my things that I have entrusted into your care open for the whole world to look at.  You had no right.  And I’m sure your response would be…it was a mistake, we’re very sorry.  But you know what…if you want to run this kind of establishment you can not afford to make these types of mistakes.  It is completely and utterly unacceptable.  I think my annoyance became even greater when I was unable to locate your manager to complain about this.  According to you guys there is a manager on site 24 hours a day…yet, although I looked everywhere and I rang the bell I could not locate this so-called manager.

Please, you really need to sort this stuff out.  Other than that you run a really awesome little guesthouse.  But I’m not exactly happy at the moment.



The view
The view from my own personal little patio at the guesthouse

Dear Morningside MediClinic

Right now I am not a happy camper…as in not at all.  I can’t believe what you guys have done, it is shocking to say the least.  But let me back up and explain.

In December I came to your clinic one friday morning because my hand was in agony and because the growth that had steadily been growing there over a couple of months had reached alarming proportions.  The staff was absolutely fantastic.  I spent the day being sent from emergency to X-rays to sonars and back to x-rays and finally to a specialist, who booked me for surgery 4 days later.

When I was admitted to emergency that friday morning I paid the fee required of me based on the coloured rating I got.  I was quite happy to do this as I’m only on a hospital plan and a lot of things aren’t covered.  I didn’t hear from you again.  My bills for the actual surgery were mostly covered by the medical aid and the small amounts not covered by the medical aid were subsequently paid by me.  The whole thing was rather pleasant as far as hospital visits go.

Since then I haven’t had one single statement, e-mail, sms, phone call or any other form of communication from you.  Then my old office sent me a message stating that there were a number of letters that came in the post while I was in Namibia.  So, as I was home for 5 days before heading back to Namibia I popped past the office to pick them up.  Great was my surprise when there was an envelope marked ‘final demand’ from you guys.  The really ridiculous part was that I had been handed over to lawyers and they were now demanding money from me, but the amount being demanded was R0.00.  See Exhibit A:


Exhibit A


Initially I found it rather amusing.  So I scanned the document and e-mailed it to the person mentioned in the letter as a contact person, stating how ridiculous the whole thing is and explaining that this is the first time in almost 4 months they’ve contacted me and now they are demanding I pay them…well, nothing?  I didn’t hear anything back from this person, so after a couple of days I resent the e-mail again, just to make sure that I did my part.

Then today I receive a sms informing me that a summons has been issued in the Magistrate’s court for an amount of R114 (Please note this does not agree to the R0 amount stipulated in the first and ONLY letter i got) and that my name will be published in the official debtors Gazette which is used by credit managers.  It also states that I will be liable for all your legal fees.

Now excuse me….but in all the documentation I had to fill in when I was admitted to the emergency that day I had to fill my cell phone number and my e-mail address in on numerous occasions, so that you guys can get a hold of me.  I also specified that I would like to receive any statements/invoices from you guys via e-mail.  I remember this quite clearly in fact.  So why, for the love of apple pie, didn’t you guys e-mail, sms or call me to inform me that there was an amount outstanding?? And then, why do you send me a final demand letter telling me that this is a final demand for an amount of R0 and then I suddenly receive a sms (oh wait! so you guys CAN contact me on my cell phone, so why didn’t you do so before???) to tell me that I will now be served by the magistrates court for a different amount than shown in the final demand.

Don’t get me wrong. If I do, in fact, owe you R114, I am quite happy to pay it.  What I don’t understand is why you ignore me for almost 3 months.  You had a whole array of communication lines open to you and you didn’t use a single one.  And then suddenly you not only threaten me with legal action for owing absolutely nothing, you also want to blacklist me for an amount I never even knew I owed.

Trust me, this is NOT the last you’ve heard of me.  I’ve e-mailed the so-called contact person again, and I WILL come and give you guys a piece of my mind as soon as I’m back in Jozi.


Angry Ruby