Dear Ignoramus

I realise that none of us know everything or at least something about everything…it’s just not possible.  But what used to just annoy me has become a giant festering thing inside of me.  Please, for the love of apple pie…stop spreading your opinion about something that you CLEARLY know nothing about, as fact.  The sad part is that other ignorant people will grab what you stating as a fact and run with it because they don’t know any better and so begins the snowball effect of ignorance.

I’m so tired of people who think they know everything about everything.  So tired of people who start a debate or an uproar because they have a rather wayward opinion on a topic they know nothing about.  Sure, you’re allowed to have an opinion, and you’re even allowed to discuss it.  But don’t act like an arrogant idiot and a) spread it as fact or b) be indignant when people take you on about it.  If you want to start a debate at least be sure that you’ve checked your facts and done some research on the topic.  The same goes for jumping on some band wagon.  Boy, do people LOVE band wagons.  Most days I sit here in my quiet little world and wish the band wagons would just spontaneously burst into flames or something and take all its passengers with it.   If you’re going to jump on the band wagon at least make sure you know what the situation really is before going about and possibly ruining someone’s life/reputation/business.

Don’t be the Ignoramus.




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