Dear Europe (Day 5)

On day 5 we got up early and hopped on trains and buses to Bern to meet up with one of my travelmates’ sister and her husband who were joining us for the weekend from the UK. After a rather sweet emotional reunion between brother and sister we made a mad dash back to Lucerne in order to catch the ferry to Mount Pilatus.

Now Pilatus had been one of our pre-decided destinations for various reasons.  a) The view is AMAZING! b) The top can be reached with the world’s steepest cogwheel railway and c) During the summer months you can ride the longest toboggan track in Switzerland.  Basically a non-ice version of bobsledding…I mean really..who wouldn’t want to do that?????? We decided to experience this particular tourist attraction in the “Golden round trip”, being the Ferry from Lucerne, cogwheel up, cable cars halfway down, bobsledding!!!!!, cable car the rest of the way down and bus back to Lucerne.

Going up!
Going up!

It is hard to try to explain the view and the steep climb as the cogwheel train ascends the mountain.  One moment you’re right next to Lake Lucerne, and the next moment it is WAAAAY below and everything is looking small.

Heading into one of the many tunnels on the way up
Heading into one of the many tunnels on the way up

The view from the top is unbelievable…in fact I don’t have any words to explain just how beautiful it is, so I’ll just post some pictures and you can see for yourself:)

The view from the top...that little red dot is the first cable car we will be taking down
The view from the top…that little red dot is the first cable car we will be taking down
This little church can ONLY be reached by foot.
This little church can ONLY be reached by foot.

The most fun part of our day was without a doubt the bobsledding.  I must admit that while I was awaiting my turn my nerves got the better of me.  This is like a rollercoaster ride except that you control the speed and nothing is actually keeping you attached to your ride o_O I had to wait quite some time as most of my companions had chosen to go down very slowly and the waiting just made me more and more nervous.  The operator gave me one look and asked me what car I drive back home.  Upon hearing I drive a Cooper S he laughed and said I’d be fine once I start, I obviously love speed…and he wasn’t wrong:) I LOVED it! AND I clocked one of the fastest speeds going down.  Once you reach the bottom your little sled is connected to a cable and they pull you all the way up you some well deserved time to take in the breathtaking view.

And I'm off on a summer bobsled ride!
And I’m off on a summer bobsled ride!
Heading into the tunnel
Heading into the tunnel
Being pulled back up...almost at the top again
Being pulled back up…almost at the top again

I was heading off to Italy the next day, so we spent the evening preparing and enjoying a Swiss delicacy at home. A gorgeous cheese fondue prepared by G. I couldn’t have asked for a better week in Switzerland….but the most exciting part of my adventure was yet to come and this time I’ll be on my own.  I was nervous and excited all rolled into one.



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