Dear number 122

So tonight is the last night I’ll ever sleep here.  It feels weird being here with it looking nothing like a place I would live in.  All the boxes stacked in the lounge…the only thing left untouched is my bed…so that I can sleep in it tonight.

Tonight I am overwhelmed by excitement, stress, happiness, sadness and a general feeling of…well…overwhelmedness (if I can put it like that).  I’m very excited about the new house.  I fell in love with it the moment I first saw it and I’m definitely looking forward to having a dedicated office rather than having 40 lever arch files in my lounge.  I’ll also have a little garden and a porch and a nice big kitchen and the living area is big enough that I’ll be able to get that much wanted dining room table.  I’m stressed because…well..moving is stressful no matter how you look at it.  And having packers doing everything this time round was even more stressful, as I had no control over what was happening.  Hiring a company to do everything was the best and the worst decision I ever made:P

But lying in my bed typing this I also feel a great sadness.  This little house of mine holds so many amazing memories…and I’m almost scared I’m going to lose them because I will no longer be here.  Now I know that’s absolutely ridiculous on the face of it…but I think it’s a very human reaction actually.  I’ve learned so many things…experienced so many more things..and i’ve grown so much while living here that there is a little irrational part of me that’s sad because I think I might lose it.

But most of all I think I just feel overwhelmed in general….for a million different reasons which I’m finding hard to explain in words.

Thank you, 122, for some awesome memories. For being here to witness the last 2 years, for being a really awesome home.  Be assured that if it wasn’t for the fact that I desperately need a dedicated study/office I would definitely not be moving.



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