Dear Being Brazen

So the gorgeous Being Brazen recently had a fantastic give away on her blog.  The prize was a bottle of the unisex scent,  ‘Unbreakable Bond’, by Khloe and Lamar from the South African online store Eterniti.  Lucky little me managed to win this random draw and the fragrance arrived in my grubby little paws during the week:)

While the smell is absolutely amazing (it really is), I found that it is too masculine for my taste, which means I might gift it to one of my guy friends or family members.  However, just because I won’t necessarily be wearing it, doesn’t mean I don’t love getting these awesome gifts:)

Thank you so much for the awesome give away lady! Looking forward to taking part in (and hopefully winning) many more:P



A Competition!!!!!!

A winner is you

Right… this week has been a crazy mixture of too much excitement, too many meetings, feeling overwhelmed, feeling stressed, being thrown into the deep end and being expected to not only swim but to win the race, 16 to 20 hour workdays, hardly any sleep, more excitement, happiness, feeling overwhelmed, etc, etc, etc….you get the general picture right?

The point is it’s all really for a good cause and it’s all really exciting and it all relates to something I adore and something I get totally excited about….which means that it’s all totally worth it:)

I was chatting to a friend earlier today and a part of the conversation went something like this:
Ruby –> hence….i’m currently an over excited zombie that’s stretched too thinly
Ruby’s friend –>  If I had any artistic talent, that’d be worth a cartoon

And then an idea hit me square in the face.  A COMPETITION! The plan is that it will work something like this.  I’ll be giving you a phrase that you have to express in a drawing of some kind.  This drawing/painting can be either seriously artistic or cartoon like or a comic or whatever you want! Then you scan your picture and e-mail it to me ( ).  I’ll do a post with all the entries after the closing date and the readers get to vote for the best drawing.  The winner will be announced on the blog and I’ll make sure to send you a little prize.  I’m not sure exactly what the prize will be just yet…I guess that will depend on who wins and whether it’s a boy or a girl and how old you are etc etc etc.  But I promise it will be something nice:)

Right….so for this COMPETITION:
Phrase to express in drawing –>  I’m feeling like an over excited zombie that’s stretched out too thinly
Closing date to e-mail entries –>  9 September 2011 at midnight
Send entries to –>

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with:)


Dear Sony and GirlGuides

So last night you (Sony and Girlguides) invited all the little Girlguides, some Sony ladies and a handful of other gadget lovers to a lovely little women’s month function at Ten Bompas. We were well entertained by the ladies (and one gent who insisted we see him as a lady) from Sony while we got to play with all the latest toys.  These ladies really know their products and it was a pleasure to chat to them.

My two favourite items that I’m hoping to review soon is a super tiny little camera that can also shoot in 3D (how crazy is that) and the touch screen media player in a metallic rose colour…too much of pretty:)  The night would not have been complete without good wine, yummy snacks and the always lovely and entertaining chatter of my fellow GirlGuides.

The night ended on a high note.  There was a “little” lucky draw….won by yours truly *grin*.  And upon our departure we were given a lovely Sony goodie bag which really made my day.

Sooooo….here’s me attempting my first use of my “prize”.(Now what should have happened here is there should have been a little video clip that I made with my lovely new handycam….as you can see…’s shouting in its absence:(  I managed to work the handycam just fine and I got it onto my computer just fine…it really is super easy to use…but sadly Cell C is not playing nice.  For some arb reason the moment I try to upload/download anything bigger than like 50MB it bombs out.  So after trying about 3 times and spending almost my entire month’s bandwidth on this I gave up.  Rest assured however that it works brilliantly!)

Hope you had a good laugh at my expense:P