Dear people of Namibia

So I recently returned home after spending 7 weeks in your gorgeous country for business.  I was super excited at the beginning of this trip as it symbolised many things.  It was the start of my new career, and signified giant changes in my life.  My life was literally turned upside down and inside out and just to make sure I realised that I had made big changes, I jetted off to your beautiful country for my first contract.

In general I was treated well.  The people were friendly, I remembered this from my previous visits also.  And apart from a few hiccups along the way (this included a cold, 3 spider bites, being bitten by a mole cricket, my car being egged while I was driving and a bruised elbow) my stay was genuinely awesome:)

I was astounded at the volume of rain your country received in the time that I was there.  I think out of the 7 weeks I was there, you might have had 5 days with no rain…other than that it rained at least once a day, EVERY day and some days it just rained the whole day.  I went in search of the desert on numerous occasions, but all I could find were foliage covered dunes….it looked nothing like the desert I remembered.  In a normal year Windhoek would receive roughly around 300mm of rain annually.  You guys have had over a 1000mm of rain in 3 months! and it hasn’t stopped raining just yet.  While all the rain means your country is even more spectacular than usual, your infrastructure was not designed for this much water.  EVERYTHING has started falling apart.  Your roads are pothole riddled and even worse than the roads in Jozi, and in some places the roads have completely collapsed.  Windhoek also has a number of rivers crossing roads, but since you hardly ever have a lot of water there are no bridges, the roads just run through the dry river beds.  These rivers have been flooding, which made driving to work every morning a rather stressful experience on some days.

I stayed in beautiful guesthouses, made wonderful new friends, discovered incredible talent music wise at the most obscure places, discovered awesome little spicy cherry shots, could snack on delightful german delicacies, came to the conclusion that I really love my new job and managed to head off an investigation that will make the individual under investigation have an accident in his pants.

Thank you for a wonderful 7 weeks.  I look forward to returning to your country in a couple of weeks’ time to conclude the investigation.  I’ve included a couple of pics for you to view at your pleasure:)



Spicy cherry shots!!!
Spicy cherry shots...yumminess!
Musical talent
These two guys were awesome….really enjoyed their performance
Luigi and the fish
One of the interesting restaurants/pubs i got to go to
One of the roads the completely collapsed
Flooded road...this is actually one of the main roads O_o
this pic was taken from the drive way of my guesthouse...that's supposed to be a road
One of the many spiders that haunted me while i was there...can anybody say heartattack????
more floods
More flooded roads
Another piece of musical talent I discovered....