Dear Readers

Sooo…you all know this little game by now.  I start a sentence and then finish it.  Then you guys finish those same sentences in the comments.  Come play….

Blue Mondays… any other blue day of the week are inevitable.  They will happen at some point, life can’t always be awesome.

Eating at a fancy restaurant…does not mean you won’t get food poisoning from their stupidly expensive meals.

I care……about the people in my life more than anything else.

Singing and dancing…..around like a crazy person while I work makes me about a million times more productive.

Happiness… a choice.

Some choices…..are really hard to make, but the results make it totally worth it.

I am….happier than I’ve been in a long time.  Don’t get me wrong.  I wasn’t unhappy…i was happy, very happy in fact.  But I’ve made a few choices of late that have increased that happiness even more.

Life… good and awesome, even if i have to face a couple of blue Mondays, spider attacks and bouts of food poisoning.

My productivity at work….is directly linked to the height of the shoes I’m wearing (stole this one from Msbehaven…but it’s so true)

Now off you go my lovelies, now it’s your turn.



9 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. Blue Mondays are not exclusively Mondays.

    Eating at a expensive restaurant always makes me wonder what’s going to happen with the bill.

    I care about certain things a little more than I should.

    Happiness is a warm… puppy.

    Some choices really give you much of a choice.

    I am just trying to be my most authentic self.

    Life is something all creatures deserve, except bloody mosquitoes.

    My productivity at work is an imaginary entity.

  2. Blue Mondays…were a really awful band.

    Eating at a fancy restaurant…always leaves me with a guilt trip when I think what some poor bugger could do with the money I’ve just blown.

    I care…about how people’s feelings can be effected by my choices.

    Happiness…sounds a bit like male genitalia.

    Some choices…we make come back to bite us on the bum.

    I am…excited and slightly nervous about what the next few months hold!

    I am…rather more rotund than I’d like to be.

    Life…is nothing like a box of chocolates Forest, you silly sod!

    My productivity at work…can be measured by the smiles on the kid’s faces

  3. Blue Mondays… usually happen at the most inopportune times, like Wednesdays.

    Eating at a fancy restaurant… is usually less satisfactory than the hype suggests

    I care……about my people. The IRL ones and the online ones.

    Singing and dancing… is better left to professionals or places where other people can’t see. (Does not apply after your second tequila)

    Happiness… is what you make of it.

    Some choices… might sound like bad ones at first, but can deliver unexpected results.

    I am… at a really interesting place in my life. It would be interesting to see what the future holds.

    Life… will happen, regardless of the amount of careful planning you do. Roll with the punches, and you’ll be fine.

    My productivity at work… is virtually zero after 2 pm.

  4. Blue Mondays… something I despise but when it does happen, I usually just get it over with.

    Eating at a fancy restaurant…is something I only did once. Too expensive.

    I care……about my believe in God and my family.

    Singing and dancing… something I love to do in the comfort of my own home on a Friday night.

    Happiness… a choice. (I agree)

    Some choices…..are hard to make and sometimes harder to live with.

    I am… very moody today 😦

    Life… hard but so is it too many others as well. Just cope.

    My productivity at work… is increasing at a rapid pace because of how I currently enjoy it 🙂

  5. Blue Mondays…… don’t have them. Life’s too short to wish one out of every seven days away.

    Eating at a fancy restaurant…is not practical with a toddler.

    I care……but I don’t always show it.

    Singing and dancing…..these days usually involve nursery rhymes of some sort.

    Happiness……is a day by day business. You’ll find it in the little things when you stop worrying about the big things.

    Some choices…..are best made tomorrow…or the day after.

    I am….in a really good head-space.

    Life… one grand adventure!

    My productivity at work….is directly proportional to the amount of sleep I got the night before. At 14:00 I become useless regardless of that though.

  6. Blue Mondays…..are easier to face with a fancy coffee and a good night’s rest

    Eating at a fancy restaurant…is something I haven’t done for a while and don’t really plan to. My fiance cooks fancy food 🙂

    I care……more for my new kitten than I ever thought possible

    Singing and dancing… me secret shower routine

    Happiness… easier after a good sleep

    Some choices…..are loose loose but you still have to make them

    I am….at the point of no return with this wedding venue search. it’s gone too far already

    Life… good and awesome, even if i have to face a couple of blue Mondays, spider attacks and bouts of food poisoning.

    My productivity at work….has dropped since all I do is dream of my kitten waiting at home

  7. Blue Mondays: are there to remind us that there are better days ahead.
    Eating at a Fancy restaurant: it always feels like the portions are too small
    I care about: too many things and have to learn to let go sometimes
    Sing and dancin: is the best way to release tension and feel beautiful about being a woman
    Happiness: is waiting for my nephew to arrive and just know that I will love him with all my heart.
    Some choice: need to be made no matter how hard it might be
    I am still: I can be
    Lif is: What you make of it

  8. Blue Mondays.. are getting better because winter is creeping in and making me happy

    Eating at a fancy restaurant… doesn’t make the company you’re with any better.

    I care…about my own happiness too for a change.

    Singing and dancing… is an every day must without which I’d loose my sanity.

    Happiness… found by singing and dancing. Loudly. In public. And not caring. LOL! Seriously… is something I’m working on being ok with being.

    Some choices… pick you and before you know it, it’s your choice too.

    I am…following the theory of reciprocation a friend taught me. You get as much effort from me as what you give. It’s not to say that I don’t care anymore, I just need to hold back for those who really matter.

    Life… can be so random sometimes. But random, in it’s own way, makes sense too. Doesn’t make sense right now, but all will be revealed in good time.

    My productivity at work….is directly linked to the battery life on my BB. 🙂

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