Dear Readers

Sooo…you all know this little game by now.  I start a sentence and then finish it.  Then you guys finish those same sentences in the comments.  Come play….

Blue Mondays… any other blue day of the week are inevitable.  They will happen at some point, life can’t always be awesome.

Eating at a fancy restaurant…does not mean you won’t get food poisoning from their stupidly expensive meals.

I care……about the people in my life more than anything else.

Singing and dancing…..around like a crazy person while I work makes me about a million times more productive.

Happiness… a choice.

Some choices…..are really hard to make, but the results make it totally worth it.

I am….happier than I’ve been in a long time.  Don’t get me wrong.  I wasn’t unhappy…i was happy, very happy in fact.  But I’ve made a few choices of late that have increased that happiness even more.

Life… good and awesome, even if i have to face a couple of blue Mondays, spider attacks and bouts of food poisoning.

My productivity at work….is directly linked to the height of the shoes I’m wearing (stole this one from Msbehaven…but it’s so true)

Now off you go my lovelies, now it’s your turn.