Dear Readers

So here’s how this little game goes:  I start and finish a couple of sentences, then you finish the same sentences in the comments section:)  It’s really quick and quite a bit of fun…

I am…..

………rather stressed about this whole job situation.  I’ve been trying really hard to NOT stress and to remain positive and I’ve mostly been pretty succesful, but the reality does hit me quite hard every now and again….I’m not good with not being in control of things this important.

The future…

…………..although slightly uncertain at the moment is looking very bright.  Full of new challenges and experiences and I’m VERY excited about this.


……… your own choice, i know and believe this.  BUT a large part of my choice of happiness is entangled with the happiness of the people closest to me.  I really do want them to be happy and comforted and excited about life.  This makes me happy.

Lazy Saturdays and Sundays……

…………are sometimes the only medicine you need

Throwing your toys out the cot…..

…………….is generally not acceptable.  But I will concede that sometimes it is needed and probably the ONLY way you will receive the desired result.

My life….

……………….is an interesting mashup of people and things and emotions and experiences and uncertainties at the moment….i love it!

Right my lovelies…now it’s your turn:) And GO!




9 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. I am … pure genetic perfection 😛

    The future… looks epically bleak. Need to sort many things out.

    Happiness… can be found at the bottom of a 340ml green bottle filled with golden liquid.

    Lazy Saturdays and Sundays … are far to rare.

    Throwing my toys out the cot … happens to often.

    My life … is very screwed up.

  2. I am…..

    The future…
    looks promising.

    is not a birthright.

    Lazy Saturdays and Sundays……
    are not always my thing.

    Throwing your toys out the cot…..
    is acceptable on occasion. The meek shall inherit nothing.

    My life….
    is complicated

  3. I am … satisfied in that I want more kinda cant explain it way…

    The future… looks like a big uncertain adventure at the moment and the fact that I dont know it all right now feels ok for the time being.

    Happiness… is a funny concept, isnt it?

    Lazy Saturdays and Sundays … are few & far inbetween, but brilliant when need be.

    Throwing my toys out the cot …is something I dont do much, but probably should have the guts to do more often in my personal life.

    My life … is filled with a lot of people I really care about right now, which is really awesome, but also sort of fear invoking.

  4. I am…relieved that the doctor thinks I’m ill too!

    The future…involves too may variables to consider with a headache and drippy nose.

    Happiness…was in holding my new born son. Ensuring his happiness as seemed far more important than my own since that day.

    Lazy Saturdays and Sundays…are the all too rare moments of sanity felt in any seven day period!

    Throwing my toys out of the cot…is a strategy I should perhaps use more often. I’m more likely to let things build up then go sit in my cave sulking.

    My life…has been a series of opportunities, some passed by, some taken. I sometimes wish I’d learned to say ‘what the hell!’ a bit more often!

  5. I am…..
    loving my new job!

    The future…
    still has a big financial thunder cloud over it

    is found in the little things. Like a few raindrops, a rose garden or a stolen moment with a special person

    Lazy Saturdays and Sundays……
    are something i yearn for

    Throwing your toys out the cot…..
    is awesome when your fiancee picks them up and arranges them by colour

    My life….
    better than expected

  6. I am…..

    happy at the moment with my life. All thanks go to GOD. My Saviour.

    The future…

    holds many things I don’t know but not going to stress about. Life life day by day.


    is what you make of life.

    Lazy Saturdays and Sundays……

    is something I want every weekend but not always possible.

    Throwing your toys out the cot…..

    is not acceptable in reality.

    My life…

    is something I made out for myself and if you don’t like it, then you’re not welcome

  7. I am… desperately trying to get out the office early enough these days to catch some sun before its obscured behind yet another dark and ominous rain cloud that has been sent here to impale my car yet again with golf size hail stones.

    The future….is always uncertain but if you believe the Mayan calendar, we wont need to worry about it after 2012 anyway 

    Happiness….comes around once a month and last only a few seconds and then all the debits start coming off.

    Lazy Saturdays and Sundays…. 91 minutes into a 90 minute Bikram Yoga class.

    Throwing your tows out of the cot….typically only happens when there is;

    (A) A once moving taxi that has now decided to indefinitely stop in font of you, whilst you find yourself in stuck in bumper to bumper peak hour traffic,

    (B) The MENSA candidates that are Metro have decided to set up yet another road block (not outside the taxi rank where the perpetrators are known to hang out) but in the middle of the highway during peak hour traffic!

    (C) When stuck behind marooned taxi, waiting to proceed through road block…you notice dark and ominous rain cloud heading towards you…

    My life….is pretty cool right now, but saying that I may just happen to wonder upon yet another road block and then we all know what I’ll end up doing then… 🙂

  8. I am… busy and happy and loved and full of ideas!
    The future… is so bright, I gotta wear shades!
    Happiness… is indeed a conscious decision.
    Lazy Saturdays and Sundays… have to be scheduled!
    Throwing your toys out the cot… is what Twitter is for.
    My life… is full and happy!

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