Dear readers

So i haven’t done of these in a little while:)  It works like this….i start a couple of random sentences and then complete them on my blog, then you complete the same sentences in the comment section of this here blog:)

Today…..I am feeling a little bit sad as my brother and sister in law will be flying back to the states tonight.  Reality hit this morning when i realised it is the last time I’d be saying ‘good morning’ to him in person for probably another 2 years or so.

I am…..feeling slightly stressed about this whole finding a job before the end of February thing….it’s nerve wrecking, i won’t lie.

There are times….when i think that maybe i am TOO understanding of people’s situations and TOO logical.  Maybe people take advantage of me and walk all over me without realising it because i tend to be the person who will more than likely completely understand why you did something and will therefore NOT throw a temper tantrum about it, accept it and move on.  Maybe i need to stand up for myself a little bit more.

I’ve realised.…..that what i want is not necessarily always what is best for me.

The cutest thing…..I’ve heard in a long time is a snippet of conversation between my brother and my sister in law last night.  We went to Moyo to early celebrate my brother’s birthday.  The Americans loved it and we let them have the whole African experience with the hand washing and the painting of the faces.  Now bear in mind…my sister in law is a full blooded American, but has slowly but surely been teaching herself Afrikaans for the sake of my brother.  So after the lady with the paint finished the cute little flower on my sister in laws face my brother goes: ‘jy lyk mooi’.  She smiled sweetly and answered in the most adorable accent: ‘dankie liefie, jy lyk ook mooi’. My brother then replied with: ‘is dit as gevolg van die paintjob?’.  She grinned and blurted out a quick ‘yup’ before they both collapsed in giggles.  It was just really cute and sweet to watch and hear and totally made me smile:)

Now my lovelies…go be nice and play along:)



5 thoughts on “Dear readers

  1. Dear Ruby ;-)Today … I am feeling strangely optimistic and happy for no reason at all.I am … getting excited about finally getting somewhere with my studies (starting 2nd year subjects).There are times … that I wish I could live on my own little island. Just me and the ones I loveI've realised … that I am the only one standing in the way of my happiness.The cutest thing … was the demotivational my sister sent me this morning about hoarding (It's on my blog)

  2. Dear RubyToday … I have a hell of a lot of work to do, but am grateful for the new challenges this presents. I am … contemplating what I want to do with my life going forward after I'm admitted.There are times … when I feel like the people I regard as my friends take complete advantage of me and that I should give less of myself to others. I've realised … that I don't have to try so hard. My worth is inherent to me – I do not have to constantly prove it. The cutest thing … I've done in a while was make pancakes with my grandma. Really was such a sweet special moment.

  3. Today…it’s been 10 days since I stopped smoking. I felt the weakest in my resolve today yet. However, I continue….smokefree…grimacing and bearing it…

    I am…reflective. The whole turn of the year, transitional phase type head thing is still going on, for sure.

    There are times…when I hate cars. Just got my bill for repairs for my jeep. £700! I was expecting it to be closer to £300. Will have it out with the garage later when I go to collect…

    I’ve realised…I need to draw a line under past battles, before I can move away from the battlefield and gird my loins towards future conflicts. With me on that one? Uh-huh. Thought so…

    The cutest thing…is a baby polar bear. Honest. Or a wee chinchilla.

  4. Better late than never:

    Today…..I signed the papers for my new job

    I am…..very concerned that we will run out of money soon

    There are times….when i wish i had stayed in the UK

    I’ve realised.…..that I need to get started on my wedding planning

    The cutest thing…..was when MrB picked a rose for me

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