Dear 2011

I’ve never been big on the whole new year’s resolutions thing.  A friend of mine’s brother recently hit the nail on the head when he tweeted : “I don’t understand people and their new years resolutions… why wait for a new year to better yourself? that’s just foolish and lazy.”

I really don’t believe in making big life changing decisions at the turn of the year.  It’s silly, in my honest opinion, and if you are quite honest with yourself you will see that in most cases you end up breaking your new year’s resolution.  Why? There are a million possible answers to the question…my favourite probably includes the fact that you weren’t ready to commit and do what had to be done and therefor not ready for the decision when you made it.

So while my dear 2011 post will not include any new year’s resolutions I will share with you a few things that this year will bring, or rather that i hope this year will bring.

  • A new job by the end of Feb.  I really want to move out of my current field into the more specialised field that i did my masters degree in, namely Forensic Accounting/auditing.  I’ve decided to be bold and courageous and to cast my net really wide.  My search will therefore not be limited to joburg, or Cape Town or SA even.  See what i mean with casting my net wide?  Ideally i need to find something by the end of February…so hold thumbs and say prayers OK?  And 2011 you better be playing nice!
  • I’ve decided to give myself the year off…academically speaking.  The 2 years working on the masters degree was a nightmare, and at the same time i loved it, because it was exactly what i wanted to be doing.  Will i be doing a PhD? maybe….but I’m definitely giving myself a year to settle into place and take a breather…it’s needed:)
  • I hope that 2011 will bring lots of personal growth, growth in my spiritual relationship and growth in my friendships.  Getting to know the ones you hold closest and dearest even better is something i wouldn’t sacrifice for all the money in the world:)
  • If all goes according to plan I’ll be touring through Europe with my best friend and a couple of others in either September or October….*looks at 2011 threateningly* you BETTER make sure that happens!
  • Since my hand is healing swiftly i plan on getting back into my exercise routine as soon as possible.  No, this is not the typical new year’s resolution of “i need to lose weight, i will gym”.  I am generally pretty good about doing exercise and i try to look after myself as much as possible, but with the recent spurt of bad luck with my body I haven’t been near any form of exercise (except for climbing the mountain the other day) in weeks and i plan to get back into it as soon as my hand allows for it.
  • I really want to work towards being a better person.  This is also not a new year’s resolution. It’s a life motto…but i hope to continue doing so during this year.
  • And there is a little part of me that’s kind of hoping that 2011 will be the year of prince charming.  It’s not that I’m looking and it’s not that I’m lonely and it’s not that I’m desperately wanting someone.  BUT it would be awesome if he would decide to finally come this way during 2011.  I mean, considering that i won’t be studying this year I’d actually have all the time in the world for this:P  On a more serious note…..I guess at the end of the day all of us sometimes want that someone to share our lives with.  Will that happen in 2011? I don’t know..maybe.  All i know is that whether he comes along or whether he waits another year or couple of years…i will continue being who I am and standing for what I believe in.  If i meet him, i great, if i don’t…then well that’s great too.  Because I’ve learned that if you can’t be complete and if you don’t believe that you’re good enough as an individual without someone, you will NEVER be complete and good enough with someone. 

Well…2011, i hope you play along nicely this year and follow my instructions to the tee.  If you don’t I guess I’ll have to cross that bridge when i come to it.  In the meantime I’m just going to sit here and believe that you will play along…cause that’s just the kind of person I am.



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