My dearest brother and sister-in-law

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you have a truly awesome day and that your thanksgiving day feast is memorable….I’m also hoping you guys get to play loads of shuffle board today (if the weather permits):)

I figured since we can’t be there to celebrate this day of thanksgiving with you I’d do a post with a list of things that I’m grateful for.  So here goes:)

I’m thankful for:
……..having people in my life to love and being loved in return.
……..a family that truly has my back at all times.
……..awesome friends:)
…… new home! I can’t believe it took me 5 and a half years to move closer to work…My life has changed completely.  Also, because the new home doesn’t have damp problems I’m not sick all the time.  Haven’t had bronchitis or pneumonia since moving.
……..the fact that my masters degree is now done and dusted.  Now i just have to continue to wait until the results come out.
……..having people in my life who really really care for me.  Who would do anything for me.
……..being so close to someone that you experience their presence even when they aren’t with you.
……..a God who loves me.
…… juice! you have no idea how much i adore apple juice:) I always have some in my fridge.
…… iPad and iPhone…yes, this sounds ridiculous and insanely superficial.  It’s OK…i can deal with that. They’ve made my life so much easier, efficient and entertaining.
……..having a job and surviving.  I’ve met too many people this year who really suffer financially.  People who want to work and don’t have jobs.
……..second chances.  None of us deserve them, but they are the most amazing things when given to someone who really wants to make a difference.
………new opportunities and an exciting future.
………good music:) It’s the thing that keeps my soul alive.
………certain things happening in certain parts of my life.
………risks that were taken and the amazing returns because of it.

I think that the point I’m trying to make is that even when we go through tough times, and even when we are whiny and difficult and sad.  Or when we’re happy and excited about life….there is always a lot that we can give thanks for. 

I love you, and I miss you both so very much! Can’t wait for the little visit in just over a month.

Much love


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