Dear Readers

So it’s time for one of my favourite regular blog entries:)  I’ll finish a couple of sentences and then you can finish them in my comments section.

I learned…..that there are instances in life when you experience such infinite happiness that your heart becomes so full it feels as if it might burst!

There comes a time….in life, relationships, friendships, work and all other segments of our lives when you need to realize you’re flogging a dead horse. 

Choosing to stop…….. does not always constitute quitting.

Spending time with friends…….is good therapy.

Courage….is a choice.


And off you go my lovelies…now you go and complete the sentences:)


P.S.  Don’t forget about my pet project….keep sending me those secrets!


3 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. I learned… that people's capacity for stupidity should never be underestimated!There comes a time… when you just have to accept those jeans will never fit you again Choosing to stop…is the easiest bit of actually quittingSpending time with friends…is sanityCourage…comes in so many different formsLive…life as much as you can

  2. I learned… Not everything you do has to be perfectThere comes a time…when u have to learn to say no. And mean it.Choosing to stop…is allowing yourself to rest.Spending time with friends…is therapy.Courage…is being a lion when you feel like a mouse.Live…for yourself and everything else will fall into place.

  3. I learned…..that sometimes to be right is not the best thingThere comes a time….when you you realise it's not going to be ok Choosing to stop…….. means you have to be prepared to start againSpending time with friends…….takes you away from the world for a whileCourage….is deep within you, find itLive…..with a bit of caution, you never know when that rainy day hits

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