Dear Afrihost

Ohmigosh!!!! I won! i won! i won! *super big grin*

So Afrihost is relaunching their brand and they had a competition 🙂  The prizes were 2 x 64GB 3G & Wifi iPads and 3 x iPhone 4 ‘s. I never win anything, so wasn’t expecting anything to come of it.  So great was my surprise when on Monday afternoon my twitter stream started filling up with messages of congratulations.  After much confusion i moseyed on over to the website to find this:

Yep, that’s my name you see there…..i circled it for you, just in case you missed it:) Not only that, but later in the week i also won 10GB of prepaid data from Afrihost, which’ll come in very handy once I’ve installed the ADSL line into my new place.

But enough of the technical stuff…i think I’m in love with my little iPad.  It arrived at my office on Friday afternoon…and I’ve been in geek heaven ever since:) See the grin when it was delivered?

I’ve been petrified of scratching it, so today i went on a mission to find a suitable cover.  And trust me, this was a mission.  Since it hasn’t officially been launched here yet, accessories are scarce..but i did finally discover a couple of covers I liked, and immediately settled on this incredibly gorgeous and glam red, notebook like cover…i love it!

Thank you once again to Afrihost for this awesome prize.  I couldn’t have been happier if i tried:)



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