Dear readers

OK, so I need help…opinions…anything…but i need to make a very very important decision and some objective input would be appreciated.

It’s almost time to pay a visit to my hairdresser:P (life threatening situation, i know) and I’ve been toying with the idea of colouring my hair very dark, almost black, again like I had it a while back. I am however not sure and would appreciate some input. Please leave a comment with your opinion on the matter. Should i make it almost black again or stick to my more natural honey brown colouring?



14 thoughts on “Dear readers

  1. To be honest both are nice! (Not helpful I know!!) I'd suggest going with the option that would require the least amount of upkeep because we both know how busy you are…

  2. Thanx for all the feedback guys!!! you're all awesome:) Haven't made a decision yet, but it's ok, cause i won't be paying the hairdresser a visit in the next week.Appreciate all the feedback, it helped:)

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