Dear Readers

As per a previous post I’ve done, inspired by Being Brazen, I will answer a few random questions, then you will also answer them in my comments section.  I had so much fun doing the last one, and you guys participated so nicely I figured i would do another one:)

Right now……I miss my best friends so much that it actually physically hurts
I need….more time:/  But i think once I’ve settled into the new home I’ll have at least 2 hours extra a day đŸ™‚
I wish…..I understood what was going on around me….how people’s mind’s worked so that i wouldn’t get in a tizz about the things they go through
Shredders are…..the most amazing things ever invented…i love shredding stuff
I love……being out in nature…it makes me happy and peaceful:)
Friends are… peculiar treasures…they hold the puzzle pieces to my life
Life…..was created to share with others

Right my lovelies… off you go and participate like the good people i know you are:) It’ll only take a second:)



9 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. @ Richard – Avacado… something i don't really eat anymore because we had a tree when i was a child and during avo season we had, avo salad, avo on toast, avo dip, avo everything…too much of a good thing you know

  2. Right now….I feel like I'm heading for a trainwreck.I need….someone to understand me. Completely. It's been such a long time since I've had a real, true best friend.I wish…I could run more than 3km.Shredders are…the cause of a lot of "misplaced" documents.I love…the feeling of being totally alone in the world and not ONE person knows exactly where you are.Friends are… disposable.Life…could be better.I know, totally emo. I'm sorry… my mood is crabby today.

  3. LOL….you guys are doing it wrong:P you're supposed to finish the sentences same as i did in my post…not give me more sentences to complete…*giggle*I'm afraid you guys might come up with VERY strange questions for me to answer

  4. Right now… I'm watching winds blow acres and acres of grass and it looks like a Mexican wave. Later it'll cut to make hay bales and that makes me kinda sad.

  5. @David – Sex is…..something very special which is used to casually in my opinionDisclaimer aimed at EVERYONE: This is my blog and i'm entitled to my opinion….so if you want to stone me for what i said above…forget it *grin*

  6. Only doing this now, wow!But needed a short distraction. So here is mine, as simple as I am minded. ;)Right now, I need to get the loo but am to lazy to get up.I need, way more coffee and more volume without putting my speakers at risk.I wish, it was 7 o' clock already.Shedders are, brilliant fun, which is why there are 2 in my office.I love, this world of ours – if not all the people in it.Friends, is used to loosely. But some are very deserving of that title especially my inner circle.Life, is way to short and not enough time. Which is why I'm all for Cryogenic freezing.

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