Dear Vo-duh-com

*sigh* I don’t even know where to begin with this letter. I’m so frustrated, and irritated and actually just completely ticked off with you guys.

At the end of January, you guys deducted more than double what my bill would have been from my account. When i queried it i was placated with some obscure story, which I accepted for the pure and simple reason that i wanted to keep my sanity. After speaking to a multitude of people at customer care who all insisted that this was MY problem and that I should sort it out despite it being YOUR mistake.

Then, at the end of last month you guys had the cheek to deduct an even BIGGER amount off my account. I had a teeny tiny little heart attack! I spoke to 3 different people working in your customer care department, each one being more stupid than the last. I finally snapped. I told the 4th girl that answered that i do not want to speak to her, i want to speak to a manager. She wouldn’t budge, and had the audacity to call me rude, blegh, but she finally put me through to a manager after i asked her if she really wanted to take responsibility for this problem.

Now, i have 2 different accounts with you guys. The one is a 3G data card contract. I pay a fixed amount every month for a certain amount of data and then i pay a special rate for any extra data i use. The second is my iPhone contract. These two contracts are completely separate…2 different invoices, 2 different sim cards, 2 different pin numbers. The only place they become integrated is with my debit order, as I’ve arranged to have only one debit order for both accounts. My accounts with vodacom have been running this way for the past 2 years without any problems.

According to what your manager told me… 3G sim card has been inactive the last 3 months. Complete rubbish as i use it every day. So what happens is, not only do i pay my standard contract amount for my 3G, which i according to you don’t use, you then take the full amount of data used on that sim card and charge it as out of bundle rate data on my iPhone!!!! So i pay the contract amount for nothing and you charge me ridiculous rates for data i used on a different sim card???? The really ridiculous part is that you’ve been sending sms‘ to my data card sim card to tell me how much of my data bundle I’ve used, and you’ve been sending sms‘ to my iPhone to tell me how much of my iPhone data bundle I’ve used, neither of which have been exceeded.

So when i instructed the manager to make sure that the problem gets fixed, he tells me that in order to sort it out they’ll need to perform a data audit of some kind. But there is a catch….there is a charge involved…which I’ll have to pay…so let me get this straight. You guys messed up royally and I have to pay for you to fix it? You guys already owe me a crapload of money!

So please, just fix the problem. I hate having to always fight with people. You’d think that if you were nice to people they’d at least try to help you, but no, as it turns out you need to be rude in order to get people to do what’s right. It sucks.

Please take note that i will not be letting this go. I expect this problem to be sorted out, and soon. No more nice Ruby…i can play hard ball too you know.


Angry Ruby


6 thoughts on “Dear Vo-duh-com

  1. I'm having major service issues with a rental agent… had issues with MTN service… I'm thinking of taking over the world and strong arming the service industry in SA to actually deliver a service… think I could get elected on the back of such a mandate 😉 Good luck!

  2. I had a vodacom contract from 2001 until 2005. At that stage, I wished to end it I phoned their accounts department – and requested a final invoice for closure, paid the due amount to get out of the contract, ended the contract and considered it done and dusted.April 2006 I apply for a new credit card, and the bank warns me that there is a warning on my credit record from Vodacom, I'd better follow up with them or it may become a blacklist. So I call them and they tell me "everything is fine sir, the warning was placed by mistake and we've already requested it to be removed – you don't owe us anything".Another 2 years pass… then I get a phone call in 2008 from Vodacom's lawyers. They inform me that Vodacom has handed over my account for blacklisting due to an outstanding amount of R135. With lawyers fees etc. to avoid blacklisting now I would be paying well over R2000 however…I took a deep breath, since shouting a the lawyer wouldn't help – and requested a fax number or e-mail address for the head of vodacom's accounts department. She wanted to argue for a moment but I simply told her "look, I don't owe them squat, I'm never going to pay you anything – but I do know that if you don't give me the ability to contact and resolve the dispute with your client then you are breaking the law and I can make sure your lawfirm loses it's license to operate as such".A fax number is finally provided.So I wrote a long letter to the head of accounts at Vodacom detailing the history – my contact TO vodacom when they first placed the warning – the fact that they NEVER informed me of this supposed R135 debt (who the hell would risk a blacklisting over R135? I never got a bill from them – ever) and then I finished off by saying. I am now done being nice. Here are MY demands. I want a letter from you, on a Vodacom letterhead, in your personal capacity as the head of accounts. That letter is to apologize to me for the insult to my good name and the inconvenience to which I was put. Furthermore to state unequivocally that I don't owe them anything, that they will pay their lawyers for wasting the lawfirms time and that they will revoke any and all entries against my credit record.Then came the fun bit. I informed her that if I did not receive this letter within 24 hours, I would forward the letter I am writing to every single newspaper in the country (they love bad customer service stories), blog it, and pass it on to ever news website in and consumer protection organisation I could find as well.Within two hours I had a signed letter on a company letterhead meeting every one of my demands…Moral of the story: companies like vodacom have no respect for people, they will try to storm over you and abuse you in any way they can – because most people won't stand up to them. If you do stand up to them – and it becomes clear that you do know your rights… their tune changes very fast. I can't say for sure that the problem is permanently solved, since this kind of accounting stupidity could mean they may pop up with some new demand 10 years from now… but if that happens… I'll just forward them their own letter stating unequivocally that I owe them nothing.

  3. @anonymous – Oh def! i'd vote for you!@silentcoder – oh wow! well done! Hope i don't have to go to those extremes tho

  4. you go, ruby shoes. Give them a kick in the balls from me too for good measure and the runanround they gave me with changing my last contract.

  5. @globus – you commented on the wrong post babe*giggle* but yes…peanut butter m&m's are the bestestbest@Tam – Will do hun:)

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