Dear Jessica

I saw this little gem on your blog not so long ago and I thought I’d give it a bash too:) It’s called 102 random facts, and it’ll probably take me forever to do…but i might as well start somewhere:)

1. I have weirdly coloured eyes, consisting of 2 different shades of green and brown
2. I have more scars than most of the boy people i know
3. I’m surrounded by a ‘force field of weird’ …weird things happen to and around me
4. Last year my feet got burnt by acid due to the fact that new shoes i bought were laced with
acidic powder…i suffered…a lot….
5. The first time i flew was when i went to my brother’s wedding in the states
6. Dancing, music, singing and acting puts me in my happy place
7. I love salsa
8. Even though i hate pictures being taken of me, I love pictures and i have a small fortune
of them
9. My taste in music is widespread and weird, and i mostly like non-commercial music
10. My head is filled with general knowledge and random facts
11. I’m a really really really bad liar
12. As it turns out the meaning of my name fits my personality perfectly…my dad chose well
13. I have a nickname for both my boy best friend and my girl best friend and i rarely
call them by their real names
14. I use terms of endearment when addressing people, this often gets me into trouble
15. I don’t trust easily
16. Very few people have experienced the deep inner parts of my heart and personality
17. I’m good with teenagers….especially the difficult ones
18. Apart from black, which isn’t really a colour,my favourite colours are olive green, orange and
dark red wine red
19. My birthstone is a Ruby
20. I was named dux learner in both primary and high school…
21. I obtained both my degrees cum laude
22. I’m remarkably resilient
23. I’m very much a ‘touch’ person
24. I gesture a lot with my hands when I’m talking
25. I get frustrated when typing a story on the laptop cause i can’t use my hands to explain
to the person reading the e-mail or skype message exactly how serious it is
26. A very close friend gave me a diamond and 18ct white gold bracelet for my birthday. and no,
he didn’t want anything from me…he’s gay:)
27. I love camping
28. That being said, i also love luxury
29. I love love love love love love reading
30. I don’t fall in love easily
31. I’m very much a mind over matter person
32. I’m mostly extremely practical
33. I’m afraid of heights
34. I’m petrified of spiders…but i think most of you know this already:)
35. I love shoes…. 🙂
36. I love shopping for baby clothes and shoes..just ask my friends who have babies
37. I’m easily bored by people
38. I broke my arm when i was 5 because my mom drove over it…it was an accident, i fell
in front of the car…my mom was hysterical, i thought the little blood patterns on my arm
made by the wheel was awesome
39. My right big toe is slightly smaller than the left because they had to cut a piece of it out
when i was in high school
40. I love picnics
41. I love Dr. Pepper soft drink
42. I totally adore M&M’s
43. I have a thing about stationary
44. I believe that post-its is the greatest invention ever
45. I’m slightly allergic to yeast, so i eat very little bread
46. I touch type
47. I’m the eternal optimist
48. Generally I’m way too hard on myself and i find it hard to give myself a break
49. I write short stories and poetry
50. I was a USN and SAB promo girl when i was a student
51. I organised two proper rock concerts while I was at uni and considered become an events
manager or band manager or concert manager because of it
52. I was once told that I’d probably be the 1st female president of our country*snort*
53. I talk….a LOT!
54. I have naturally long and very black eyelashes
55. I’m super calm in times of crises and only freak out after every thing’s been taken care of
56. Lemon sorbet is my favourite
57. I generally get a ‘feeling’ about people when i meet them…99% of the time that feeling
is spot on
58. I have a severe and incurable case of foot in mouth disease…I’ve learned to live with this
59. In May my parents will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary…they are still very much
in love and totally adorable
60. I believe that if i can be half as happy in my marriage as my parents, my husband and I’ll
be superly happily married
61. I see the good in people around me and find it hard to believe that not all people are good
62. People take advantage of me because of 61
63. I once broke into a barn, with a boy, on a farm where we were having a party and almost
crashed the tractor….we didn’t get caught
64. I’m won over by small gestures and gifts rather than extravagance
65. I love my iPhone 🙂
66. I haven’t met my prince charming yet
67. I’m extremely flexible
68. I love earrings 😉
69. I have a t-shirt that says ’68’ on the front and ‘you owe me 1’ on the back
70. I’m currently doing my masters degree in forensic accounting…..because i love solving
puzzles and i can’t wait to outsmart all those really clever white-collar criminals
71. I’m blessed enough to have an amazing relationship with both my parents
72. I’m slightly ADD
73. When i was younger i was extremely OCD…these days I’m much better and i only have
slight OCD tendencies
74. A guy once hit me in the face with his fist….it was an accident…2 boys were fighting and i
stupidly tried to stop them…i was 16
75. My dad nearly killed both of the above mentioned boys
76. I’ve broken my nose more than once
77. I’m a complete insomniac
78. I was born on the 7th of the 7th 🙂
79. I was offered a contract as a photographic model when i went to pick up my portfolio pics
i had taken for fun
80. I’ve been withing 5m of a fully grown crocodile out in the wild…nothing between us
81. I have very tiny hands with longish fingers
82. I love doing pilates
83. I have this thing for fire
84. I’m scared to death of the dentist
85. I’m not really all that fond of doctors either
86. I love swords and knives, and i hope to one day own a proper samurai sword
87. I really love teaching people things if they are willing to learn
88. My uni lecturers told me i didn’t have the lack of personality for the course I’m studying
89. I love wine
90. My favourite shooter is Patrone!
91. I make memory books
92. I have a little memory box in my head for each of the people who are very important to me.
In there i store all my favourite memories of them
93. I can’t stand liars and lies
94. I’m not a jealous person
95. A friend of mine hanged himself earlier this year, sort of at my house…for a while there i
didn’t think i was gonna cope
96. I suspect i may be addicted to Philadelphia cheese
97. I suffer from extreme tension headaches on a daily basis due to the damage caused to my
spine when i had my car accident
98. I HATE peas… honestly i hate them!
99. I have weak lungs and have a tendency to develop bronchitis within minutes
100. I’m considering going skydiving
101. After my friend died in a bungee jumping accident last year I’ll never even consider it
102. I can’t believe i got to 102 without frying my brain:)




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