Dear 2009

My my my…what a year this has been. Full of ups and downs, happies and sads….an all round good year:) I’ve decided to end my year saying: ‘I’m tracing the outlines of 2009 and liking the picture I see’.

I’ve decided to dedicate this post to everything that happened this year, both good and bad…as all these things played a roll in who I am today:)

2009 will be etched into my memory for the following reasons:

  • I started my Masters degree in Forensic Auditing. I won’t lie, it’s been hectic. Working and studying full time while trying to remain a social butterfly is no joke…but somehow, with much insomnia, much coffee, lots of love and no sleep I managed to pass the first half with flying colours. I did well, and I can honestly say I’m proud of myself.
  • I sold my little noenoe who has been my companion since I started driving after the accident
  • Bought my gorgeous new baby…….*happy in love sigh*
  • Paid off my study loan
  • Got caught in the middle of a shootout between police and some idiots while driving home after watching District 9
  • District 9
  • My feet got burnt by acidic powder that was inside a pair of sexy shoes I bought. I was miserable and the burns were insane. But i’m happy to report that my feet have now fully recovered. The rather exclusive shop was quite shocked and refunded me for the shoes, they also paid my medical bills at the end of the day.
  • Almost got ran off the road by a cop cause he was on his cell phone
  • Mrs Reindeer passed away…..she paid such an important part in my life for so many years…it is with great sadness and fondness that i remember this part of 2009
  • We discovered a really disturbing murial in our local Panarotti’s
  • My chamber got married…yay!!!!
  • I tried my best to have weekends away as often as possible….even when I’m practically dying of Bronchitis
  • My dear, dear friend AK’s little girl was born. What an awesome little girl…such a blessing!
  • The sad and interesting journey through my dear gran’s life when we had to help her pack up all her stuff. I still carry the little coin with me:)
  • For the first time i can truly say I’ve forgiven the guy who crashed into me 4 years ago. It’s been a long journey.
  • erm……I sprayed myself with pepperspray for the second time…..*sigh*
  • I lost 11kg without dieting or putting myself through hell and i fit into clothes i haven’t been able to wear for ages….yay me!
  • I joined twitter….it changed my life:)
  • I started doing Salsa and fell completely in love with it:)
  • I decided it was OK to make mistakes and to not be so hard on myself
  • Another very special person died #sadness
  • I managed to give myself consussion on a ride at gold reef city…*sigh*…I swear, only me!
  • An aircon just fell out of the wall and only just missed me while i was working
  • My stalker started following me around in a car without a license plate.
  • I met a bunch of really incredible people this year – thanx guys…your friendship is greatly appreciated
  • I had to say goodbye to friends…this is never easy
  • I realised it is possible for someone to be significant in your life even if you don’t know them very well.
  • Baby Nicola was born:)
  • I came to the realisation that there are people, other than my family, who really really care about me, who are willing to fight for me. I’m truly amazed and humbled by this. *much affection*
  • Spiritually I grew so much….:)

In many ways, it’s been a very tough year, but it has also been a good year. I’m happy, I’m content, I’m fulfilled….I’m me:)

Thank you so much to everybody who has been a part of my life this year. You have made it special and worth remembering. And i truly hope that you will continue to play a role in my life in the year to come. What does 2010 hold….I have no idea. But what I do know is that i’m excitedly looking forward to it. I love my life, and i plan to continue loving it and building it and celebrating it in the year to come.

Lots of love

P.S. Here’s a couple of snapshots from 2009 🙂 Oh! and feel free to add any significant things that happened in 2009 that i might have missed:)

Happy and blessed 2010 my beautiful, special people!!!!! *hugs and kisses*


9 thoughts on “Dear 2009

  1. My word you really have had a bit of a rough year!! So many injuries!! I didn't realise what you were studying either, kudos to you!! This comment basically serves me right for not coming past your blog more often 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed reading that! Sounds like a hectic year though, don't know if I'd be able to survive working and studying full time! Thing that made me laugh the most?erm……I sprayed myself with pepperspray for the second time…..*sigh*WAH! I did that once when I was a kid, but.. I didn't know what it was! 😀 What's your excuse?

  3. @Jeanette – hehe..yup,but that's pretty normal for me…you'd be astounded when you hear all the random weird stuff that happens to and around me:) Awe…thanx hun:) Looking forward to hearing from you:)@Richard – Thanx hun:) Brat:P My excuse….you're talking to the chick who managed to give herself concussion on a ride at gold reef city, who had a roof collapse on her, etc… i really need one? 😛

  4. My my, you really have had one wildly exciting year! (Hehehe @ Nicola making your highlights) :-)What I want to know is how so many people managed to take proper photos of you but when I whip out my camera you throw your hands up in front of your face every time. Hmmm? Explain that… 😉

  5. @Louisa – Of course she made my list!!!! was a very important happening:) She made it just in time too;)LOL…I have my moments when i don't mind being on pics…but most of the time i'm hiding from anything that looks like a camera..ask @Jenty 😛

  6. @carbon copy – of course you are and so you should!!!!! I was a bit hesitant to post it tho…i wasn't entirely sure if you'd mind or not:) Glad you dont!And a happy happy and blessed new year to you my friend! *hugs*

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