Dear Bro & Sis-in-law

Tonight you guys made me cry…..a lot…for a number of reasons. Firstly I was crying out of sheer emotion and joy at the gift you had given me for Christmas, it was truly thoughtful, and was the action that set the other reasons for the good cry I just had into motion….but more on that later.

Secondly I cried because I really, really miss you…..both of you! I haven’t seen you in almost two years and because we have always been close as brother and sister this breaks my heart. But it’s a bit hard with you guys living in the states. Christmas has always been family time for us. Everybody gets together, spending time to catch up, talk nonsense, cook together, eat together and generally to share love and happiness for each other. But you’re not here…there is a bit of a hole in my happiness.

Actually, i think my second reason for crying and all the emotions that went along with missing you describes the majority of why i just spent the last half an hour writing you an e-mail, drying off tears and grinning stupidly….I love, and I miss you so much!

Anyhoodle, on to the gift. This year, you decided to be a little different. Giving each other gifts when we are thousands of km apart is never an easy feat. So this year you decided to be slightly different. You made a donation to ‘World Vision’ on my behalf. So this evening when I opened my mail, this is what awaited me….or a part of it anyway…you really don’t need to see the part where they tell me how much they love and miss me…we already know that part:

“A gift of five ducks has been given in your honor
Thought you might like a few adorable little ducks for Christmas this year! I bet none of your friends got the same thing ;-)”

It probably sounds silly, but i burst into tears. Thank you so much! What an incredible gift. Donating ducks to a family who hasn’t got any food or any form of livelihood. My heart feels all warm and fuzzy and happy.

May you and the yankee part of your family have an amazingly blessed Christmas. I miss you and I love you both so incredibly much!


RubyWith my bro at his wedding:)

With my sis in law


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