Dear Granny

Happy happy birthday!!!!! I hope this day is filled with joy and the knowledge that your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren adore you! I thank God everyday that you have been spared for us for so long, that He made you the amazing person you are and that I have the privilege of being your grand daughter.

I realise that the last couple of weeks have been very hard for all of us, but especially for you. I’m sorry that you have to spend your 83rd birthday in so much pain, but am grateful for the fact that even in your pain and trials you have the energy to laugh and joke about it.

You are an amazing woman. You’ve survived cancer, broken bones, the loss of your husband – which we all thought would be the end of you, the death of most of your brothers and sisters, the death of your beloved and gentle souled son and currently 3 broken vertebrae.

You always have a kind word for anyone who crosses your path, your faith has kept you strong through all these years, you consider yourself to be rich because you have all these people who love you and your zest for life and independence, even at 83, makes you one of the most remarkable woman i know.

I love you, you darling old woman, and i hope that we will share many more jokes, trips to nurseries, secrets, secret coffee dates, cake and tears. You are not only my gran but also my friend. You’ve been right there with me through all the trials I had to go through in life, and I pray that you will be spared to attend my wedding, bake and decorate my wedding cake and see my children,…so they too will have the blessing of knowing you.

Happy birthday Darling




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