Dear Sleepy Jane

How excited was I when I received my little parcel receipt yesterday. I’ve been nagging the tea lady, who also goes to fetch our post, every day to find out if my little slip has arrived yet. Anyway, yesterday afternoon it finally arrived…and I couldn’t wait for lunch time today to actually go fetch it.

Now everybody knows I love receiving things by post, hence the name of my blog. Letters, parcels, registered post…you name it, I love it:) So to be honest, I think I would have been excited and happy as a puppy had the package contained nothing but a BIC pen, but you Sleepy Jane weren’t quite as sleepy as your name might suggest.

Your package contained a number of cute and useful things, the M&M chocolate lip ice was probably the thing that got the most of my attention. For the record….I LOVE M&M’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought 2 gigantic bags of M&M’s when I was in the states and even though i would gladly have eaten most of it all at once, I made it last as long as I possibly could.

All the little things you included were awesome, but i realised one thing…you are very creative…Loved the “CD cover” you made:) The CD on it’s own was also quite spectacular and is now officially known as “The SleepyJane Mix” So once again, thank you so much for going to the trouble of making this little package which brought a smile to my face and my heart on a really rough day. It’s muchly appreciated.




7 thoughts on “Dear Sleepy Jane

  1. I love the old fashioned way of getting opst. It's so much more personal than emails and texts. Sleepjane, you're a darling for sending Ruby M&Ms. xx

  2. BB – seems like there are more of us than I orignally thought:)SleepyJane – :)TamTam – I’ll see what i can do…but no promises:) so many compliments in one comment…you rock too!Elise – yeah waaaaay more personal:)

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