Dear Chamber

Sunday was your birthday, so Happy Birthday!!! Yes yes, i realise that the letter is a whole two days late, but considering that I spent most of your birthday with you I don’t think you’ll mind:)

On Saturday, as i was sitting down to think and to write something profound and interesting in your birthday card, I realised with a bit of a shock that we’ve been friends for 8 years….8 YEARS!!!! I suppose it doesn’t sound like a hell of a long time to other people, but considering that we only met in our first year at uni…well, it’s a long time. Then again, deep in my heart it feels as if I’ve known you my whole life.

Apart from my family, I don’t think there is another human being on the face of this earth who understands me like you do. You are quick to share my humor, understand my need for both a wild social life and much alone time, to gently tease my weaknesses in ways only you could get away with, to cry with me when my heart breaks and to share loud laughter at every chance. You are the one person who reads me like a book, knowing every look, every smile, every gesture. The one who can spot my doubts a mile away and will set my mind and nerves at ease in such a way that nobody else will even notice.

We lived together for 4 years, and then we had to head off and face the grown up world, each in our own way, and yet we weren’t alone. Each being there for the other, still sharing love, hurt, happiness, fears and experience regardless of the thousands of miles that separated us.

In a way, the last couple of months have been a little hard for me. I’ve been dreading losing you and at the same time I’m thrilled to see you so incredibly happy and in love. I think I was scared that it would be the end of an era for us. You being engaged and all. But as I was sitting there on Sunday with you and your fiance, I realised that rather than losing you our friendship has become ever so much deeper. And ultimately I’ve gained your husband to be as a new friend. He’s not trying to steal you away from me. In fact, he’s still trying to impress me and to let me know that his intentions are pure. He’s a sweet, sweet man, and I’m eternally grateful that he is a part of your life. He makes you happy, any fool can see that.

So here’s to you, my bestest best friend in the whole wide world. I hope that you had an absolutely fantastic day on Sunday, and that the year ahead will simply be amazing! That you will be blessed beyond belief and that this year, which includes your wedding, will be one of the most memorable ones. I love you my chamber and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.



The chambers in action


6 thoughts on “Dear Chamber

  1. Ruby,I love the way you value your friends. (The two of you look like you got up to alot of mischief whilst living together!)xx

  2. Angel – I’m thinking about e-mailing her the link, but then she’ll know where to find the blog:)Elise – thanx lady.xx

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