Dear Being Brazen

These posts will always be addressed to you, as you were the one to inspire the “Current addictions” post. So here follows my current addictions

1. Chris ChameleonSeriously…I love this dude. He is a South African artist who has developed quite a following for both his Afrikaans and English albums. He has a way with words that I can only describe as delectable. I heart Chris Chameleon:)

2. Granny Smith ApplesOK, now i realize that you’re probably sitting there shaking you head. Insane right?? How on earth can anyone be addicted to Apples?? I’ve always loved Granny Smith Apples, but in recent weeks it’s escalated to a new level.

3. Kings of LeonNo comment needed me thinks:)

4. PilatesOnce again this is probably a really really strange addiction. I discovered pilates some time during last year, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Currently it helps to improve my mood in leaps and bounds and brings a welcome relief from jumping between work and assignments.

5. House hunting!!!Ok, so despite our current economic climate I’m looking to buy a townhouse. I’ve developed quite the passion for looking through the property section in newspapers and hopping around excitedly whenever I see a “For Sale” sign:)

Well Being Brazen, I hope that this give you a little bit more insight into the life and times of Ruby:)




12 thoughts on “Dear Being Brazen

  1. BB – Awesome…another fan:) Thanx…having fun doing the hunting thing…but i hope it doesn’t take too long before i find something that really grabs me:)Laura – yep…pilates rule! Thanx:) I will!

  2. Dash – only a pleasure…i haven’t been around anywhere in recent weeks…trying to get into it again:)Angel – yayayaya! another kings of leon fan…*sigh* People i see in traffic already thought i was insane…now they phone the mental police when they see me drive past:)

  3. I love Granny Apples!!I once took a class in pilates and there was this guy next to me with no undies. His shorts were so loose that I could see everything! Honestly I almost died from laughing so much.xx

  4. Elise – i think I would have died with laughter….:)Jackson’s mom – Totally random…hmmm you don’t think it would be possible for me to…oh nevermind, you guys will start thinking i’m a total stalker…LOL

  5. Blondie – Awesome!!! Yeah, Pilates is truly awesome:) No worries hun, it’s not as if i’ve been around and highly active either:)Sarah – I loooooove random comments:) Thanx for throwing one my way

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