Dear Arkwife

What am I going to do with you friendster??? Despite the fact that you know I absolutely despise meme’s in general, you went ahead and tagged me. Add that to the fact that you also know that once I’ve been tagged I feel obliged to do it and you’ve created the perfect “mess with Ruby” situation.

Anyhoodle, since i have been tagged, I guess i have no choice in the matter and I’ll have to do the meme.

Word for the week in my head: Stupid…….(i swear i have a good reason for having this word in my head)

Thought for the week: I’m have two thoughts in my head this week……
1. I follow Christ by growing in intimacy with Him. As I abide in Him, I learn to walk in rhythm with Him. I do not worry about where we are going, but rather trust His leadership, because I am convinced that where He takes me will be for my eternal good and for His glory and pleasure
2. A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ, that a man should have to seek Him first.
(The second having been a very important one for me in the last couple of weeks…….)

Thing for the week in my life: Exercise!!!! Actually not just this week, it has been for the past couple of weeks….I’ve been doing it 6 days a week for almost an hour and a half at a time…..sometimes at 10 o’clock at night when i don’t have time:)

Song for the week in my head: OJ, so I’m terrible with song and artist names even though i know my music. I think the song is called :”shake it like my sister Kate” but it’s by the Ditty Bops

Food for the week in my belly: Strawberries and grapes

Colour for the week in my life: Bright bright orange

Smile for the week on my face: Ooooh, I smile for lots and lots of reasons. But here’s a couple:
– discussing and planning everything around my December cruise
– dancing in the rain and not getting sick
– being the mini-boss and being the one doing the performance review on a very shitty trainee
and therefor being able to do something about the fact that she really can’t do the job. I
swear that her PR is based solely on her work performance and not the fact that she happens
so to be a particularly pathetic and irritating individual…and no, i didn’t get her fired, so stop
worrying…..Y’all know I’m not that mean!
– The realisation that I have lots of people around me that love me
– Seeing the results of my strict exercise regime on the scale

Blessing for the week in my heart: My amazing positive attitude towards life in general, work, love, people and situations. Sometimes you have to choose to be happy, but mostly I’m blessed with optimism and happiness……..and if anyone wants to question this, just ask Arkwife🙂

OK, so I’m not tagging anyone, and therefor I’m not going to add the rules, I will however link back to cath before anybody decides to slap me for not doing so, and I will remind you that if everyone else decides to do this they have to link back to me and Cath…..Got it?

So friendster, I hope this satisfies your need for tagging me for a while….he he:)




4 thoughts on “Dear Arkwife

  1. tamtam….he he, it wasn’t easy, that much i can promise you….and i don’t always enjoying getting home at ten and then spending about an hour and a half working out and getting to bed freakin late…..but I’m with Being brazen here…it takes 2 weeks to create a habbit…now it’s habbit and i feel kinda offish and irretated if i didn’t exerciseBB – Thanx:) yeah, those thoughts have been pretty core to my existance lately. the first one pretty much come down to yours tho….stop sweating the small stuff:)

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