Dear Tamara

yes yes yes, I realise that it is already Wednesday and that you, Angel and Glug have already posted about Sunday, but things have been a bit hectic this week. So today i finally found a couple of minutes to do my part.

To start off with I’d like to thank you for inviting us to the combined birthday picnic. I had a lot of fun. AK and I started off our adventure by driving around the Linden/Emerentia area for quite some time before I finally realised that I knew exactly where the place was and that I’ve driven past it a thousand times before….but you have to forgive me for this as I’m not from Joburg🙂 We then proceeded to drive around the emerentia dam…..twice, before we decided which entrance to take. This was due to a number of reasons, one of which was the fact that I was trying my best to convince AK that your e-mail definitely said Emerentia Dam Botanical Gardens.

By the time we got inside, AK was dying for a smoke, as she’s not allowed to smoke in my car… we sat down in the Tranquility garden where she had her smoke and I got to spend some much needed time on my phone. At 1 o’clock I texted you to find out where you guys were, but you hadn’t yet arrived, so we sat around a while longer. When you finally did arrive, you sent me a message explaining where you were, but since neither of us really knew the Gardens, we spent quite some time strolling around trying our best to take a good look at the people around us, convinced that we’ll be able to find you guys by looking for Angel’s hair:)

In the end you phoned me and explained exactly where you were. And then it was time for the big meet. The picnic was fabulous, the friends i did get to meet were very interesting, meeting Angel and Glug in person was awesome and of course meeting you and the hubby was a pleasure. Angel and Glugs were of course accompanied by Angel’s knucklehead, Damien. What a delightful teenager. Yes, and I realised that I used delightful and teenager in the same sentence, but as 17 year olds go, he was quite remarkable. And I know that this has been mentioned before, but I have to mention it again, I loved the Hah! game, mostly because I was one of the winners, but also because it was fun…he he:)

It was a pity you couldn’t join us at Cool Runnings, where we had the pleasure of a very brief meeting with Exmi before she had to rush off to fetch the kidlet. We ended up staying at Cool Runnings for a bite to eat and some divine cocktails.

I had an amazing day and I look forward to spending some more time with you guys. I’m so glad that you and the hubby enjoyed your joint gift:) So how did you like the little button??? and what did hubby have to say about that??

Have a fab week sweety pie!



P.S. That’s your second letter you lucky cow! tee hee hee🙂


11 thoughts on “Dear Tamara

  1. and to think while you guys were playing a weird game of Aha… i was moving… i can’t believe i missed the opportunity of meeting you!!!!!damndamndamndamn

  2. Caz – well let’s see….you get Cape Town, the sea and the mountain, and we’ll take the cool bloggers…k?Elizabeth – Yep……lots and lots of fun:)Glug – awe…thanx sweety pie!!!

  3. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhaaaaaaa… you were looking for my hair!!?!? at least you had phone numbers. we had no trouble finding the place as glugs knew exactly where it was- but we had no contact details so we strolled around a LOT!thank you so much for the compliments about my knucklehead:Di had a blast too, and i can’t wait to hook up again.

  4. Ruby! We’ve been chatting on IM like every day and you didn’t mention you’d written to me in a post?!?!?I know I’ve been a bad blogger this week, but really…Well, I am glad you had a good time. Sorry for all the ambling. We don’t know the gardens either ;-)Loved meeting you and AK and look forward to socialising again soon.Now, if you’ll excuse me, but I’m going to reply to all your commenters on your blog (seeing we are carbon copies, I’m sure you won’t mind?)…@Sweets: We’ll make a plan to play when you’re around, promise ;-)@Angel: Yup – we all looked for your hair. And your teenager is pretty damn cool.@Caz: What Glug said!

  5. Tamara – sos hun, i wrote this on wednesday last week already, and i left you a comment on your blog to tell you that you’ve got mail:)why of course you my, or may I or us? wait, does this mean I’m married??? no wait, that’s you, but you’re me and…….oh what the hell…this is just tooo confusing;)

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