Dear *insert name of academic institution here*

Thank you so much for your swift and enthusiastic reply. Your very personal and informative reply has once again cemented my belief that you are probably the best choice for my future endeavour.

I’m looking forward to starting on my Masters degree in Forensic auditing and accounting at your institution next year. Thank you so much for taking the time to include information about the different academics involved in the program as well as the sponsors available to me. I’ve always known that it is a very specialised field and that there are very few forensic auditors/accountants currently in the country, but i was surprised to discover that there is in fact a great shortage and that both the government and large financial and economic institutions are desperately seeking individuals interested in exploring this field.

I hope to hear from you soon so that we can finalise my registration for next year. I look forward to once again returning to your community, even if it is only as a part time student. You are after all my Alma Mater, the place where I obtained both my other degrees, and the place where I’ve picked up some of the most remarkable memories i will ever have.




13 thoughts on “Dear *insert name of academic institution here*

  1. sweets – def a shortageElizabeth – *blushing* gawrsh lady………thank you:)It is however a bit on the dangerous side, especially if you work on high profile cases. I know on of the forensic auditors who worked on the Shabir Shaikh case…he had two bodyguards looking after him 24/7…… whose going to volunteer for looking after me then?

  2. Tamara – Lady! you’re hired! i def like your style;) just gimme time to finish the Masters and you’ve got yourself a new job;)

  3. glug & elise – you have to understand that it's not just any old degree or nothing. It's something i really enjoy and would love to do…i guess that makes a difference….plus, i come out of a family that enjoys doing research about things they are interested in… dad has been studying on and off for years, even though he is waaaaay over qualified for his job, he just enjoys the challenge;)Ok wait, now i sound like a bit of a nerd…*sigh*

  4. hi there! sorry for ignoring you yesteday! i was not intentional.. i totally missed your post. you must have posted while i was doing my replies, and i missed it.. sorry!

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