Dear Being Brazen

I refer to your post about people stealing your mug at work. At the time i knew there had to be a way of solving this problem without having to hire a private detective, killing anyone or disrupting your normal day to day routine too much.

Well sweety pie, I found it!!! It’s called the anti-theft mug and personally i think it is fabulous. You will never again have to go off in search of your office mug, as other people won’t be able to use it. Here is a picture of the mug i have in mind:

When you leave your mug you just take out the little plug “en siedaar“, nobody can use your mug, which reduces the chances of it being stolen with almost 100%. Of course, you will always find people who would try and steal it anyway, simply because it’s a novelty.

I sincerely hope this helps!!!




9 thoughts on “Dear Being Brazen

  1.….you can’t be serious???nobody at the office would steal her mug because if she took the plug out they won’t be able to use it.

  2. Tamara – I i find them in a shop i’ll get you one!Elizabeth….lol….no comment:)sweets – you meanie!!!! you did that on purpose!!!

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