15 thoughts on “Dear Ruby

  1. he he:) thanx glug…….it’s a bit forward i guess, but i didn’t know how else to let everybody know it’s today:)

  2. sweets – thanx sweety:)Vimbai – well…erm….yes i guess a little;)but i wanted everyone to know…i love birthdays:) thanx for the wishes!!!

  3. AK – thanx friendster…me woves you too!!!!Tamara – dankie dankie:) and man, is that last part of you comment deep!!! so profound:) Thanx for all the well wishes:)

  4. omg how could i not know it was your birthday!!?!my birthday psychicness is SERIOUSLY letting me down…Happily Happily Belated Birfdaze Ruby!!!May there be many more and may you get horribly spoilt each time!

  5. Angel – thanx sweety:)And to all of you who wished me a happy day, let me asure you, I had a fab day!!!! The parentals came up for a quick visit, spoilt me totally rotten, my party was fabulous, even though i’ve noticed that my friends are def now getting old….going home early and such, and I still fee young and vibrant, and in case anybody is worried….not a wrinkle in sight! 26 aint so bad afterall:)

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