Dear Jack

Even though we’ve made peace with the way things are some time ago, I’ve held off writing this letter. Simply because writing this needs courage and a lot of thought and soul seeking i guess. So, I’m tired enough to be brave enough to write it, I’m at peace with our friendship, and I’ve had plenty of time to think of what exactly it is that i would like to say to you in this here letter…….so here goes nothing;)

The romance started off in a little bit of a whirlwind/fairy tale sort of way. You managed to hijack my heart in a matter of minutes, and I know that you gave yours to me easily. But things just weren’t meant to be. And the past reared it’s awful head, rocking us back to the reality that is everyday life. For now it just won’t work.

We decided to end the “insert whatever you would like to call it here”. It was by mutual consent and very difficult, but probably the best decision we could have made….considering the circumstances. The strange thing is that you’ve become one of my best friends. I speak to you on a daily basis. You’re still a safe person to talk to when I’m down or when i have a crisis. You still have the amazing ability to turn my sadness into laughter and to brighten my day with a smile.

Initially this reaction was due to the fact that i was still very much in love with you. I’ll admit to that. I knew that you were still crazy about me….and the fact that you confessed this to me on several occasions after we decided to call it quits, did not exactly make it easy to let go.

But amazingly enough I’m finally over this. I’m over you. I’ve made a decision and I spent some much needed time focusing my life and my thoughts. I feel free and rejuvenated:) Our silly little love game has turned into a beautiful friendship. You are still a very important part of my life, but you are the love of my life no longer.

You will always hold a little piece of my heart. I’d be a liar if i denied that. But you are my friend, not my lover. I will always be here for you if you need me…but i think you know that already:)

I’m glad I’ve finally managed to muster up the courage to write this letter. In a way it is setting free the last strands of in loveness that has tried to hold my heart captive. I hope that you’ll have the courage to confront your demons and look away from the past. Your history doesn’t define who you are, it’s only the road you’ve taken to discover yourself. You are an amazing person, and i hope that you will always remember that.


Your Ruby


12 thoughts on “Dear Jack

  1. thanx sweets:) yes…i know…responsible tends to be my middle name….although, i do have my totally stupid with a capital S moments too:)

  2. Very mature. I have been in the same spot before, and I didn’t handle it nearly as well as you have. You go, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!

  3. Seriously, it always sounds like you have yourself so together Ruby. Congrats on being brave enough to finally write the letter…

  4. tamara – thanx hun:) I’ve never really thought about it…but i’m a realist….so i guess that kinda helps:)AK – my friend!!! it’s a damn good thing they can’t!!!amy – he he:) as i mentioned above…i’ve never thought about it….but i guess being extremely realistic has something to do with it:)

  5. Blondie – I’ll try my best.,…..i promise:)Vimbai – my goodness but i haven’t seen you in ages!!! thanx for taking a peek;) I’ll do my best with that one too:)

  6. no matterwhether you think you’ve said goodby eor not, i think they’ll always surprise you, one day they show up at the door, and they’ll wake up that little bit of your heart. I don’t know that you can always say goodbye. [Who’d want to anyway?]

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