Dear famous singer friend dudy

Last night as my friend *insert friend who discovered my blog’s URL here* and I sat discussing various important topics while drinking an arb amount of wine it suddenly hit me. Well actually, it hit my friend, but the technicalities are unimportant.

One of the “oh so important” topics which popped up was my wedding….not that i have any reason to plan one, but I am afterall a girl and i’m allowed to think of these things every now and again when talking to a friend over a couple of glases of wine.(ok, probably more than just a couple, but that’s beside the point).

We came to the conclusion that not only would i have an unbelievably large number of guests but I would also have a little problem trying to decide who would be the person doing the actual ceremony…declaring me and *insert future husband name here* as married. I know too many preachers, pastors, dominees etc who have over the years built into my life. I’m having difficulty in choosing. You are of course the youngest and by far the most famous and good looking one of the lot……and I seriously want you there as more than just a guest….but getting everyone involved would just be a tad over the top me thinks.

so then my friend suddenly leapt off the couch and did a little victory twirl. IT hit her…… would sing THAT song as I walk down the aisle with my dadio. It would be perfect!!! You remember the one. The one you wrote and serenaded me with when we were at uni? The one about the Crescent moon being just for me. The one that almost caused me to go a little GAGA over you, one of my best friends.

Just imagine the settting. I’d have an evening wedding. I’ll ensure that it’s on a night where we’ll have a perfect Crescent moon. Everybody sitting, waiting in anticipation for the beautiful bride to arrive. And then, everybody’s hearts skip a beat. I suddenly arrive, looking almost unreal in the soft moonlight, and your gorgeous velvety voice starts singing about me being the bride and the Crescent moon being just for me. *sigh* it would be perfect!!!

After picturing the whole thing in my head and getting all excited while my friend outlined the details of the plan i could only foresee one single problem with it. The possiblity that I might actually turn to the groom, apologize, run to your side and beg you to marry me instead.

You’re probably sitting there and shaking your blonde head at the scenario and wondering why on earth I’m telling you this aren’t you? Well, to tell you the truth, I only wrote the letter to inform you that you will definitely be singing at my wedding. I’m not quite sure whether I’m gonna run the risk of actually letting you sing Crescent moon while i grace the guests with my presence, but you’ll be singing nevertheless. So make a mental note!

I look forward to seeing you soon…and no, not at my wedding…just for a visit:)



P.S. If anybody is wondering why on earth I didn’t insert the links where I indicated they should be, or why my spelling appears to be a bit odd………my edit taskbar has disappeared, and I can’t even go into html:( If anybody has the urge to assist this little damzel in distress(pls note that you need to have the knowledge to help me in order to respond to this call) please do so as soon as humanly possible.


11 thoughts on “Dear famous singer friend dudy

  1. I’m telling Hijacker this.Because I don;t for one second think you just want Famous Singer Dudy to sing, you’re hoping he then stand next to you and sing aren’t you?!!! So you have been serenaded huh? The amount of things I must be jealous for now is getting too much.

  2. *gasp* you wouldn’t dare!!! Trust me, if the guy acting as groom happens to be Sir Hijacker…i def won’t be doing any running to anybody elses side….not for now anyway;)Yes…I have been serenaded. *smiling sweetly* on more than one occasion actually, by more than one person. You’re jealous???Of me???? S4…..pls can you serenade my little bridgy?? every girl should be serenaded at least once in her lifetime:)

  3. erm Nats……how on earth did you come to that conclusion? I’m purposefully not letting a very good friend of mine sing a really beautiful song….i know myself to well….I is not wicked:(he he;) aren’t all girls just a teeny tiny little bit?

  4. Nats – *cue bright light flashing above ruby’s head* Aaaaaah! now that makes a hell of a lot more sense to this tired little girl;)Angel – Trust me…when i start planning you’ll all know!

  5. awe sweets!!! i promise you this much at least…you’ll love my wedding one day…it’s gonna be totally unpredictable

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