Dear Dad

I’m writing this amid a violent storm of tears and a runny nose. I’m scared, and upset and worried all at the same time.

You’ve been sick for 2 weeks now. You’ve been to the doctor quite a few times, and every single time they’ve changed your medicine, but you just keep getting worse. I don’t know quite how sick you were, because all I had to go by was the reports i got over the phone from you and mom…watered down of course, not to get your precious little princess worried and upset.

But this morning you you phoned me at 9. A weird time for you to phone, since you only bother me at work when there is some kind of an emergency. You said you had bad news. You guys were leaving home to drive the 500km’s to Pretoria………you had to book into the hospital by lunchtime. I tried my very best not to burst into tears. I’m trying to be strong for you daddy.

When you woke up this morning you felt so bad that you finally resorted in going back to the doctor for the umpteenth time. He got really worried and phoned the respiratory specialist in Pretoria…..he commanded you to be booked into his hospital by lunch. Nobody knows what’s wrong, but you’re only getting sicker, not better.

I know you’re trying to be strong for mom’s sake, for my sake, for my brother and sister-in-law who arrived from the states yesterday. But it’s OK to be scared…..I am. It was so good picking the family up at the airport and seeing the two lovebirds after more than i year. I missed them more than i thought was possible and had to wipe a tear or two when they appeared. I had to deliver the bad news to them this morning…..i almost burst into tears talking to my bro. We were on our way to you guys tomorrow…now goodness knows what’s going on.

I’ll see mom tonight, and I’ll try and come to the hospital tomorrow. Jack* has been an absolute sweetheart and phoned me the second he could. Worried about you but mostly worried about me. I cried about it for the first time. Telling him how scared and upset he was. He understood, he calmed me down and after hearing his voice for two seconds i felt better. I felt safe. And i knew it was OK to be vulnerable…..someone is there to take care of me.

I pray to God that you’ll be OK, and that they’ll be able to find out what’s wrong. You’ll always be my daddy dearest. I love you papa!

Your little princess


*Shortened version of Hijacker:)


12 thoughts on “Dear Dad

  1. Oh angel! I really hope you’re ok! I hope your dad is ok and that the docs will find whatever it is and sort it out ASAP!Keep that chin held high…as hard as it is! All you can do now is put your faith in God!Lots of hugs x

  2. Oh honey*big hugs*Don’t put your faith in god, you all need to be as strong as possible and fight it. Fighting is what gets you through and being strong.It will be ok.

  3. Lots and lots of hugs Rubes to you and your family. You are all in my prayers, especially your daddy and the doctors that are trying to figure out what is wrong with him. I hope he gets better very soon.xx

  4. Awww hun!Massive hugs!I hope your dad pulls through. I am thinking of you and sending my best thoughts to your dad and your family.I know you’re strong, you’ll get through this…..Ahem … Hijacker (I refuse to use the contracted version) is such a sweetheart! I’ll bet there will … erm never mind, not right time to say it.Love you hunBestABCi

  5. Hope they find out what’s wrong with your dad. In the mean time, you are in our thoughts. It’s actually fortunate that your brother visited at this time, so that he can share in the emotional support. *big hug*

  6. Blondie – I’m fine:) was freaking out a bit yesterday, since i didn’t really know what on earth was going on. Chin is as high as i can possibly muster at the moment….but i’m still smiling:) i’m OKMiss M – thanx for the hugs hun. See above:) God has been the one giving me the strength to fight actually……He is my Rock in times of trouble. He’s never let me down yet;)Nats – Thanx for the prayers and well wishes. All is much appreciated;)Bridgy – thanx hun!and thanx for believing in me….am really doing much better today. Freaked out just a little yesterday. And yes Hijacker(as you insist on calling him) has been a little tower of strength. So what were you gonna say???? Love you too sweety!Glug – *receiving big manly hug* Thanx hun;) yeah, it was nice to be able to share my emotional load with him yesterday. General daddy update to all – I spoke to the dad man last night. Will be going to visit him a bit later today. He is OK. Very sick, but OK. They ran a whole bunch of tests on him yesterday after he got there, and will be doing a big lung function test or something this morning. If they find out whats wrong with him today, we’ll be able to take him home tomorrow:) I pray that that will be the case.Jack – even though you won’t read this, I just wanna say thanx;) You’re a rockstar!

  7. sweets and chewy – thanx so much for the hugs guys….very much appreciated;)sonny – we did and it turned out ok:)General daddy update – good news guys:) He was discharged on thursday morning, after they finally figured out what was wrong and could give him the correct treatment. He’s still sick, but starting to show signs of recovery. He left on holiday along with the mommy and the bro and yank sis-in-law this morning. A much needed holiday I assure you. Thanx once again for all the well wishes and hugs…..i really appreciated all of it!!!!*hugs*

  8. aw ruby… BIG cyber hugs girl- for you and yours! i know what its like to have a sick daddy darling and not knowing entirely whats going on.i do hope things are better…

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