Dear Mr PS

Today, as I sit in front of my little laptop tapping away, my heart is surprisingly heavy. There is a strange sort of hush around the office which, for once, has nothing to do with load shedding.

The news reached us yesterday. But at the time I just didn’t feel up to writing/talking/thinking about it……i guess it had to sink in first. My boss asked me to come to his office, and I just knew something was completely wrong. His whole being was screaming it at me. You, my dear Mister PS had died.

In the past three years I have gotten to know you quite well. You were a merry old fellow, full of mischief, a lust for life, love of languages and people and plenty of time to make sure the people around you were happy. I met you as a little first year clerk, completely freaked out by the new world she was being subjected to, but you soon set my heart and head at ease.

The really sad thing is that you were the last person we were expecting this from. Apparently you fell and cut your foot, nothing serious right? wrong! The cut picked up a new version of bacterial infection, something called a super bug. Shortly after your minor fall you were admitted to hospital and placed on about 32 different antibiotics………no success, as the super bug outlives them all.

A mere 3 weeks after your fall, you finally waved us all goodbye. Your death certificate says “Heart attack”, but the truth of the matter is that you body just couldn’t fight it anymore. It didn’t have the power any more and simply gave up.

You have been one of my favourite clients and next time I show my little face at your company there will be an empty space in the office once filled with WW2 planes and family pictures. I hope that you rest in peace and that your family will be comforted in time.

It just goes to show. No matter how we live our lives, whether we are super healthy, super fit, obese, unhappy, fulfilled, loved or unloved…….when your time’s up, your time’s up. There are no second chances, no time for regrets and no looking back. I sincerely hope that you leave this earth without any regrets.

Life here at the office will go on. But you can be sure that your abundant phone calls and visits will be sorely missed by us all.




20 thoughts on “Dear Mr PS

  1. thanx you guys:) we’re all fine, just really shocked…it was very unexpected.bridgy – thanx for the hug hun!Odette – Welcome to my little kingdom:)

  2. sjoe…that is so sad! I have to agree with the ‘when your time’s up, it’s up’ speech…one of my best friends got a phonecall on Sunday morning that her dad had just died! He was cycling in NZ & had a heart attack & he was only 52! My heart went out to her & her brother…it’s horrible losing someone so suddenly!I guess when your clock checks in, that’s it…you’re up next!

  3. I’m sorry. As I have always said to death, it just fucking sucks. Now go and watch LA VIE EN ROSE. It’s about Edith Piaff & her not having any regrets by the end of one’s life. Apparently it is an incredible movie. That said, I have yet to watch it myself, but am already booked to go.

  4. to all of you guys expressing sympathy and being all nice…i really appreciated and and thank you so much!!!!!!Feeling much better now. Am over the worst of the shock.Champs – I’ll see what i can do!

  5. Hi Ruby, my commiserations to you. Pity my first visit to your ( quite brilliant actually ) blog had to be such a depressing moment for us both….

  6. bridge – oh goody!!! gonna go have a look now….and sos the blog is only coming today..had a bit of a technical difficulty;-)amy – welcome sweety!!! hope to see much much more of you!

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