Dear friend

I did not think your little e-mail stunt this morning was very funny! It was scary and and could have been damn near fatal. I’m still recovering from the hyperventilation and the sudden panic attack. To say i was hysterical would have been an understatement.

You and I have established the fact that I am literally scared to death of anything with eight legs………spiders! Therefore by supplying me with EXHIBIT A caused a slight bit of havoc in my office to say the least.

My usual rational self has become wrought with paranoia and unusually suspicious behaviour.

I would appreciate it if you would in future refrain from including me in such acts of total violence on arachnaphobes.

Yours in sincere panic




21 thoughts on “Dear friend

  1. sorry ruby- i must disagree and say…aaaw she’s gaaaawjiss! and as damien said when i showed him the same email “AWESOME! WHERE’S THAT!?!?”ooh, we found baby spiders in glug’s garden in december! and the spider who lives in my kitchen that had babies last year is not gone as i thought- i watched her kill a wasp last night!sadly, i think glug’s maid killed the wolf spider that was living in his lounge…

  2. OK. We have something in common. I hate spiders!Here is something I was going to share in my next blog.Kill the spider or let it out?Oh hell no! You know I am scared of them damn things! The last time The Dingbat tried to teach me to not be scared she didn’t kill it while it meandered its’ way across The Pickle at two weeks old. I watched it wearily and when it looked like it was about to get under the blanket, bellowed, “Ma, it’s getting under the blanket, it’s going to bite my baby”. The Dingbat came and fished it out while I ran for dear life!Ha!

  3. Glug and angel!!!! damn, the two of you deserve each other! i hate spiders…more to the point….i’m really petrified!i’m become totally hysterical and all blubbering and stuff…no thanx! in my house they all die!!!! thanx to my landlord anyway…i can’t come near them…i would faint!

  4. Man that is freaky!!!! I don’t mind spiders very much but my housemate is terrified of them so I am the offical “get rid of spiders person”So I come in the room, place a glass over the massive thing, put paper underneath and carry outside. I can’t bring myself to kill them :(I’m scared shitless of cockroaches though! Thankfully they don’t get massive ones here!

  5. elizabeth – oh come on…i’m sure you’ll be able to blog from your little bubble right? You don’t hafta leave or anythingNats – damn scary i tell youMiss M – Ya, my previous house mate used to be the spider killer person…but now i live on my own…i have a very understanding landlord tho. Cockroaches?? but they’re just gross? they can’t actually do anything to you…or can they?

  6. FUCK!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! I have got goosebumps on top of goosebumps!! If that was me in that room, I would have fainted, knocked my head on something and mom and babies would have feasted on me. I’m going to go to my “happy place” now. Ditch the friend 😉

  7. Can’t…stop…itching. I hate, HATE spiders. Lordy Ruby, at least have a disclaimer at the top half of the blogpost for the squeamish ones amongst us.Okay, i’m officially a mess. I &%$@ing hate spiders!

  8. Blondie – i’ve been in my happy place since yesterday……and i’m not ditching the friend…he’s ok, mostly anywayVimbai – uhm…sorry? but there was no disclaimer on the e-mail….so i thought i’d make you guys feel the absolute horror and panic i felt.KaB – I dunno hey? but i’ve seen many a really really large spiders(i’m sure they haunt me or something) and my guess is that it is probably close to real. I had the tealady vacuum my whole office after that episode…and i had to check my whole house last night before i went to bed.

  9. oh goody!!!! you don’t perhaps wanna come and visit me from time to time? i’d love to kill them, but i can’t actually come close enough without fainting!

  10. cheap thrills – EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sonny – pls tell me you didn’t just call me a wuss?champs – the room? how bout just giving it the whole house? there is no way i’m living in the same house as that thing!

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