Dear Baby Mel

Welcome to the family sweetheart! You are now a full 3 months old and curious about the world around you. You are one gorgeous baby by the way…….and as babies go I suppose you’re not too bad….even your auntie Ruby can stand to have you around for the most part.

My heart is however quite saddened every time I hold your sweet little hand, or look into those big blue eyes. You have no idea of what the life ahead holds for you. You are the child of a single mother, who has no job, cannot look after herself, drops you onto everybody’s lap but her own at every chance she gets, who smokes like a chimney while breastfeeding and who is but a child herself.

You were unplanned, an accident, not wanted initially and a little girl who will never know who her father is, as you mommy has no clue. But do not think bad of your mother…….she is doing the best she can, and I will give her plenty credit for that. The decision to keep you was a big and mature decision to begin with…..and while looking at the bigger picture I don’t think she’s doing too bad of a job. She’s trying her best, her mother is helping out a whole lot and the whole family has gathered around our little angel baby. We love you dear!

My cousin, your mommy, is starting her brand new job today. I phoned her this morning to see how she’s doing…..she was heartbroken at having to leave you at the lady who is looking after you. But you’re a happy little baby and didn’t even cry once. You’ll be just fine……now we just have to try and convince your crying little mommy of this.

Everybody was shocked and I suppose a little disappointed when we hear about your mommy’s lifestyle and that she was pregnant with no idea of who the father was. But we love her. She’s a sweet little thing and packed the bull by the horns when it came to facing the consequences. I wasn’t disappointed just flabbergasted that in this day and age with AIDS and all, that some people still refuse to use birth control pills, condoms(don’t worry about not knowing what these are yet) etc when having a little fun. What on earth was she thinking??? Not only did she have to cope with the fact that she was pregnant……she also had to cope with the trauma of going for HIV testing.

But of course, then your little angel face showed up after 9 months. And although some of the aunts and uncles had up until that time felt saddened and angry about her situation, all those feelings were lost the moment they laid eyes on you. And you charmed all of them….even the most grumpy. You’re mommy will have to buy a shotgun when you get a little older!!!!

I just have one piece of advice for you. Regardless of how sweet you are, and how cute you are or how you laugh and hold out your little arms when you see me……crying your auntie Ruby awake at half past 5 on Christmas morning is just not on!

Lots of love, hugs and kisses

Auntie Ruby


16 thoughts on “Dear Baby Mel

  1. it does, doesn’t it? feel all grown up and stuff when I hear it;-pme?? spoil a baby rotten?? no way!!! all she got for a Christmas from her auntie Ruby was one enormous, soft, purple and white cow, tons of clothes and a couple of rattles and soft ball thingies…… how on eath is that spoiling???

  2. Miss M – yeah…..I was not impressed and highly disgusted! I stayed mad at her for a full 15min! but it reminded me on why I don’t want any at the moment;-)I agree on the spoiling thing too;-) They can be spoilt when they are babies….because they don’t realise that they are being spoilt!My gosh! you should have seen that cow!!!! i was tempted to keep it for myself:)

  3. oh sweet…babs are gorgeous…now if only I could become a full blown aunt I’d be the happiest peep around!As for the mum…good for her for getting a job…she’s making changes…albeit slowly (bar the bab)!

  4. Can’t her mommy round up the suspects for a paternity test? Or are they not worthy of being a father?Welcome to Baby Mel, may she grow big and strong!

  5. liz – I think I might have outdone myself with this one…LOLKaB – yeah, I’m really proud of her for stepping up to the plate…even though she was a bit silly. full blown aunt hey??? I wish my brother would just hurry up and have a baby already!Bridge – I’ve only met 2 of the plenty of likely candidates and in both cases little Mel is better off just not knowing

  6. SweetAss – oh my gosh..that girl’s got her aunty Ruby wrapped around her little finger….good thing they don’t live in JHB. It’s a sad story, but what can you do hey?Lady – thanx girly;-)lets put it this way. I don’t agree with what she did. but she’s mu cuz and I love her to bits. She made a mistake…one with pretty much permanent consequences. Everybody makes mistakes right? I may not do what she does, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my fair share of mistakes. I think she’s doing a pretty good job and taking responsibility for her own acts and i’m sooo proud of her:)

  7. What a wonderful auntie and cousin you are!I feel for your cousin. She’s in a sticky situation. Its great having family around to help you.Baby sound beautiful. xx

  8. Ha, technically you are a 1st cousin once removed. Not Auntie, but 1st cousin once removed Ruby, really gets quite complicated for a baby to say.How’s your letter for Bill coming along?

  9. elise – awe….i’ll try and post a pic for you guys at some pointsonny – I kept saying that to everyone and became very defensive when they called me aunty Ruby…..but if you can’t beat them, join them. I finally settled on Auntie Ruby….and now i’m kinda liking it. Technically totally incorrect, but as family goes it’s perfect;)as for Bill’s letter – hang on to your panties…it’s coming it’s coming…I actually hafta polish up on my computer knowledge and stuff to write that one…don’t wanna sound like a complete dufus! you got anything you’d like me to add to the letter?Yay!!! Nats is back!!!!!!*hug*

  10. oh she sounds is indeed frightening how people carry on regardless in this day and heart aches for your cousin too… my being at single mom at 17.i hope she remembers how her family have helped and supported her- i woulda never survived without my family’s love.

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