Dear Santa

I am sooo excited!! I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again. Time for family, friends, eating, drinking, having fun and sharing the love. Not forgetting you of course….and time for prezzies:-)

I have been a very good girl this year..promise! I’ve done all my work in record time, didn’t kill Mr G(one of my clients) even though he insisted on calling me all kinds of odd names and chasing me away like a dog, I’ve paid all my bills, I helped people out and for goodness sake, just for not killing Mr G I should already be receiving a gigantic gift…what more do you want???

Anyway, I hope this letter reaches you in time. I’m not too sure about the North Pole, but I know for a fact that the South African postal service isn’t that hot….so I’m hoping no greasy palmed, sniveling postal worker doesn’t nick this letter. If such a person is reading this letter, please put it back in the envelope and replace it in Santa’s post box please!

My list for Christmas is not that long. But here goes
1. Tickets for my Bro and Sister-in-law so they can join us for Christmas from the US
2. All expenses paid trip with spending money for two to Spain…preferably scheduled for
sometime after Christmas, as I’d prefer to spend Christmas with the family
3. A new lounge suite that will actually fit in my teeny tiny cottage
4. Nigella’s new cook book:-)
5. Some Lacoste Touch of Pink…..mine is almost finished
6. GHD hair straightener
7. Asterix DVD collection(an odd request but i really love the old guy)
8. Stranger than fiction DVD(do i have to explain this one??)
9. The Postsecrets book
10. and last but certainly not least, if you could manage it, Prince Charming would be nice….preferably wearing an Armani suit;-)

Now Santa, I know you are very very busy, but I don’t think these little things are too much? I know nr 10 might actually take some time, as I can be a bit difficult as to what I like and what I don’t….but that’s why I sent you the letter a month in advance, so you’ll have some time.

Please take care and travel safely when you do your deliveries




8 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. P.S. Please please please could you also include my Yamaha piano??? my big Autobach at home is just way too big for my tiny abode, and would appreciate playing my fav instrument every now and again, albeit and electrical one…thanx

  2. OK. Let’s get this straight. You want a trip to Spain with spending money for two, but you also want a Prince Charming! Are you gonna spend all that money yourself or are you hoping the prince will come first! LOLBTW – I just heard Christmas has been cancelled. You shouldn’t have told Santa you’ve been good. He died laughing! πŸ™‚

  3. well…i’m sorta hoping the tickets for the trip and Prince Charming both rock up at my door at the same time;-) besides, where’s the fun in going alone?? if all else fails i’ll drag my Crazy ho along…she’ll just love that;-)And BTW….thats a rumor Santa and I started so he could spend more time trying to obtain nr 10 on my list….he recons it might be a bit tricky…i’m sure he’ll come through tho:-)

  4. The GHDs and perfume will come in handing when getting ready to meet Prince Charming… Nigella’s Cookbook is great for ideas on what to cook him..Lounge suite for… well you know..I don’t think your brother will be happy finding his siter on the couch with some guy though. Unless your watching your dvds!

  5. Please explain the Stranger than Fiction DVD (i’m guessing there’s a story somewhere in there).Hope Prince Charming finds you soonish, but if not a romp with some Latino hunk in Spain called Raul should be compensation enough!PS And i love how everyone is adamant they’ve been good all year, pur-lease, 12mths is far too long to go without getting up to some nonsense πŸ™‚

  6. The stranger than fiction dvd is about your typical stereotyped SARS auditor. This guy functions in numbers. Everything is timed, counted and scheduled. Until the unthinkable happens. I laughed until the tears streamed down my face.see, i’m an auditor, but I hafta admit I’ve been accused of being in the wrong profession….apparently I actually have a personality and a social life…things you’re not allowed to have if you are an auditor:-) but I actually know people like that!!!!!!The movie is awesome and quite hillarious, and what I have mentioned now is really only the tip of the iceberg…and no, its not an accounting movie…its a real comedy!!!Ooooh, Raul sounds nice;-)

  7. Then we are kindred spirits you and i, coz i’m an auditor too! I don’t think anyone’s every destined to be an auditor, my department is full of unrealised potential in the form of wannabe rockstars, fashion designers & writers!I watched Stranger than Fiction, i do admit it was hilarious! It hit home with my honey who works for a tax department, so we both had a giggle (maybe it will become that “inside joke” movie for auditors everywhere!).

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